Few words for our Teachers...

She leads us to the path of life,
She holds our hand before we call,
She lends her support before we fall...

She sows little seeds within us,
She nurtures the plant till it becomes a tree,
Once it grows up, she leaves it free...

She teaches us little rules of life,
Love for all and hatred for none,
No temple, no mosque, as God is one...

She gives us beautiful wings to fly,
When we fly high and cover miles,
She proudly looks from beneath and smiles...

When we lose hope to succeed in life,
She makes us climb the ladder to success,
And she never forgets to bless...

She is a friend, philosopher and guide,
A great human being besides,

She is A TEACHER....


  1. Wonderful lines!
    very beautifully written :-)

  2. Radhika, you have a very nice way of putting across things! In management this technique is called KISS( Keep it Simple and Short) ..:)

    1. Thanks a lot Mr. Rahul!! I didn't realize I was following this management technique!!

  3. Beautiful put , Interesting and very effective words !!

    Hi ,
    I 'm Anu .. i checked your blog nd i found its very nice and fully realted to different colors of life , i m your latest follower..


    1. Hi Anu,
      Welcome to my blog.. and thanks so much for those lovely words!! :-)