Remembering a dear one...


A few words in the memory of my cousin, my little brother who left for his heavenly abode earlier this year after losing a bravely fought battle to Hodgkin's Lymphoma...
Life is not easy but it's a norm,
Life must go on despite a storm,
With a bundle of memories to cherish meanwhile,
Some make us laugh, some make us smile,
And then leave the heart heavy and eyes full of tears,
Months have passed, so will pass years,
We affirm ourselves of their presence in some form,
Life is not easy but it's a norm...
Only if somehow we could bring them back,
This vicious circle of life and death if someone could hack,
But then I think maybe they are in a better place,
Away from this materialistic world, resting in their own space,
Hence the rules of life and death should never reform,
Life is not easy but it's a norm,
Life must go on despite a storm...

Being a new Mom - Pinks and the Blues


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Hi friends, I am back on blogger after a long long time. First of all I would like to share a special news. I delivered a baby girl last month and hence stepped into motherhood. 

When I was pregnant, several experienced people told me that pregnancy is a cakewalk and the real struggle begins once the baby enters this world. I can finally understand what they meant. The postpartum period has its own pinks and blues. Let's talk about the pinks first. I feel immense love and attachment towards my little girl. Whenever she opens her eyes, I tell her, "I am your Mumma. When will you call me Mumma?". I really want "Mumma" to be the first word that she speaks. When she cries, I feel like crying with her. When she smiles in her sleep, my heart melts. Whenever she gets scared, I wrap my arms around her so that she feels secure. I am eagerly waiting for the day when she'll start recognizing me. Her happiness and well being is all I pray for. This is the most selfless kind of love I have ever felt for anyone in my life. 

On the other hand, I am also going through a struggle with myself. I have put on a lot of weight, my body is all messed up, I am not getting enough sleep because of which my head feels heavy all the time, my face looks weary, there are food restrictions, etc. Lots of friends/relatives visit us these days and everyone in the family enjoys over lunch/dinner whereas I spend most of my time alone in a room nursing my daughter. Sometimes I ponder over whether I'll ever feel like my normal self or not, whether I'll ever get back to my pre-pregnancy shape or not. I recently discussed this with one of my friends who had delivered a baby boy last year. I had a sigh of relief when she told me that she also went through similar thoughts and emotions after delivery. So my question for the experienced mothers is, when do you adjust to parenthood after the child is born?

Equality between Unequals

It's new year! It's the time to celebrate, make new resolutions and write some new chapters of life. Sadly, this new year began on a shameful note for all of us. The mass molestation incident of Bengaluru was all over the news on 1st January 2017. Several politicians and celebrities expressed their views and opinions over this incident. Some were angry, some were shocked, some blamed women and their "wrong" dressing styles, etc etc.

While reading all the statements and articles I thought, what is it that motivates/instigates/compels men to attack the dignity of women? The simple answer is, even in 21st century, men consider women to be inferior to them. One would not think of doing this to someone at par(or superior) with oneself. So what's the cause of superiority complex among men? 

Let's go back to a man's childhood. As a child, he sees his mother taking care of the household chores. She cooks, makes sure the dishes are washed, makes sure the clothes are ironed, takes care of the cleaning. etc. On the other hand, the father sits like a king, giving orders and judgments. "Give me my breakfast", "Press my shirt", "Where are my socks", etc. Father orders, mother complies, and hence it implies. He notices that people jump in excitement on the birth of a boy, and console each other on the birth of a girl. Hence, it implies. He sees that his parents ask his sister to avoid going out late night, to learn basic household chores like cooking etc. However, no such instructions are given to him. No such restrictions are imposed on him. Hence, it implies. When he becomes a working professional, he notices his female counterparts are paid less despite being on the same position as him. Hence, it implies. In his journey of becoming a man from a boy, he sees numerous examples which highlight the inequality between men and women. And hence, he starts thinking of himself as a superior species. We are collectively responsible for inculcating this superiority complex among men, from their childhood itself! Therefore, simply condemning such incidents is not going to take us anywhere. We must teach our little boys that men and women are equals.

How about a scenario where a boy sees his mother cleaning the house and father lending a helping hand? How about sometimes mother bringing the breakfast and sometimes the father? How about both parents working and earning their livelihoods(which already happens nowadays)? How about people being equally excited about birth of a girl or a boy? How about parents teaching their sons how to treat and respect women?

Give it a thought...

Our first drive...

Continuing further from "First(actually second) conversation..."

As me and M started walking towards his car, there was silence... and peace... 
"I know it's gonna be tough for you for gel with my family members. They are quite loud", M said. "Thanks for confirming my fears", I said to myself. For an introvert person like me, it's quite difficult to feel comfortable among a new set of people. Gelling part comes next. I had to overcome the comfort part first. "Do you know the way to Hori Lal", M asked me. "Yes offcourse. It's nearby", I said and we both sat in the car. It was our second meeting and things had unexpectedly and drastically changed between our two meetings. I had still not come to terms with the fact that the person sitting next to me was going to be my life partner. Hence, I couldn't come up with something meaningful to start a conversation with M. The car moved, and there was an awkward silence. "Go straight and take a right turn from the T-point", I said in order to break the awkward silence. "Ya sure", M said. "Now we need to go straight and take the first left. Hori lal is right there", I said. In no time we reached Hori Lal. Others were still on the way and reached around ten minutes later. "How come you guys reached so early! We were hoping you would take a longer route to have some alone time", M's cousin said. That thought hadn't even crossed my mind. "Maybe you guys should go out for coffee or something", someone said. "It's already quite late and tomorrow is a working day. We'll go some other time", I said. We all spent around 10-15 minutes at Hori Lal, said goodbyes to each other, and started walking towards our respective cars. As I was walking towards my car along with my cousins, they whispered, "Go back and say bye to M". Hesitantly, I turned around. M was standing a few steps away. So I walked towards him. We shook hands followed by an awkward, distant side-hug and said goodbye to each other. The night ended, but the thoughts didn't. Next important task was meeting M's parents. It was Monday, and I was supposed to meet them on Saturday i.e. five days later.

Another big question that was continuously crossing my mind was : When and how will I fall in love with M?

To be continued....

First(actually second) conversation...

Continuing further from "A glimpse of my new family... Part-II"...

I held the phone to my ear. "Namaste.....", I said and paused. I was thinking about how I should address her. Since me and M were now fixed, addressing her as "Aunt" wasn't appropriate. On the other hand, addressing a new person as "Mom" was again weird for me. My indecisiveness in addressing her as "Aunt" or "Mom" led to this pause after namaste. I clearly remembered my first meeting with her... 

I had met her briefly few months back, at Uncle S's birthday party. Some of my friends were sitting in the lawn. They asked me to join them. Co-incidentially, she was sitting next to them and the chair next to her was unoccupied. I went there and sat next to her. While I was conversing with my friends, she realized that she was sitting in between me and them. "Would you like to sit in my place?", she asked me. "No not at all. I am fine here.", I replied. "Come on, please sit here. You all will be able to talk comfortably", she said and got up from her chair. I thanked her and we exchanged our seats. One of my Dad's friends, Uncle T, was sitting around the same table. "Hi beta. How are you? How's your music going?", he asked me. "Music is going well Chacha. I recently posted a video from our jam session on facebook", I said. "She plays violin really well bhabhi", Uncle T told my to-be MIL. "Wow, that is so nice! You should join us at one of our parties. People will really enjoy listening to your violin", she said. "Yes off course Aunty", I said and smiled at her, and she smiled back. So that was my first meeting with her. None of us knew that ours was going to be a lifelong association!! 

"Namaste beta. How are you?", she asked me. "I am good, how about you?", I replied. "We all are fine and really excited to meet you. And don't worry about anything at all. After marriage, you are free to do whatever you like. No restrictions here", she said. Amidst the noise and laughter around, her words were really comforting. A girl always fears about losing her freedom after getting married. Her words allayed my fears and apprehensions and I thanked  her for that. "Now you all carry on with the dinner. Bye. See you soon", she said. "Bye", I said and handed over the phone to M. 

After the dinner, everyone decided to go to Hori Lal, a popular paan shop near my place. We all walked out of the restaurant and moved towards our respective cars. "Both of you can come together in M's car. We all will meet you there", everyone told me and M. M showed me the way to his car. We were all set to go for our first drive..... Was it good?? Was it bad?? Was it awkward?? You'll know soon.... :-)