Being in the same situation


Today we had our first mock GD session in the Alchemist and i realised something. Before we started with the GD, we had a session in which we were told about what should be done and what shouldn't be done in a GD, various ways to come up with points, dress code, etc. After that we were divided into two groups. I was in the second group. Before the first group started with the discussion all the members of the second group were asked to observe the discussion carefully, come up with positive aspects and the missed out points later on. Finally the first group was given a topic and the discussion began. During the discussion a lot of points came in my mind. I was also able to think of various points that should have been elaborated upon. I also wondered how come people missed out some of the important points. So while i was observing the GD i felt that it won't be a very difficult task. Soon the first group was done with the GD and our turn came. As i sat there, i immediately felt a tinge of nervousness. Nonetheless i maintained my composure. First we introduced ourselves . Then we were given a topic and two minutes to think of some points. At that moment i realised that i couldn't come up with anything at all and it made me even more nervous. Somehow i managed to write 2-3 points in my notebook. After two minutes people started speaking. Because of nervousness i couldn't contribute much to the discussion and i spoke just 2-3 times. Then i realised that as an audience, we do not realise the difficulty of the situation. Few days back there was a singing competition in my college. One of the participants who was a good singer but was not so used to stage performances was sitting next to me. She was carefully noticing the participants perform so that she may not repeat the mistakes made by them. But when she went to the stage, even she made the same mistakes. Once she was on stage, she forgot about what all she had observed and went blank. The reason for this is that we are unable to understand the situation of the other people till we find ourselves in the same situation....



There are a lot of people in our lives whom we call our friends. Like if you ask me, even i would say that i have a lot of friends from my school, college, coaching, neighbourhood, etc. But who is a friend??? What is the meaning of this word??? As i was thinking of it, these lines came to my mind....

When i walk alone on the path of life,

I find your hand holding mine,

When i fall upon the rocks and stones,

Your arms' support keeps me fine.

Grief-stricken when i cry alone,

I find your hands wiping my tears,

Joyfully when i laugh aloud,

Your silent smile touches my ears.

When i fall asleep while sitting somewhere,

I find your shoulder to rest my head,

When i run out of words to explain myself,

You understand all the words unsaid.

When the world stands against me,

You stand by me leaving the rest,

And sometimes when i doubt myself,

You make me feel that i am the best.

The way you care, the way you love,

The way you share my life with you,

God's great he makes such friends,

Who love selflessly without ado....

While writing this poem and after writing this poem, very few names crossed my mind and i knew they are the people who are my "friends"...people who make life so beautiful and meaningful....

I wish I had hugged her....

Well, this post is about a beautiful girl(lady would sound a bit older) named Charu or CD(charu didi) as a lovingly call her. First let me introduce CD. We used to live in the same building on different floors, one above another before she got married. She claims to have seen me since the day i was born but i can't prove the authenticity of her claim...Just joking!!! So, i always wanted to tell her something. I remember the day she was to get married. The venue that was chosen was quite far from our place and probability of my attending her wedding was quite less. At that time i was not old enough to drive on my own or with my brother and we had to rely entirely on our parents or grand parents for going to some distant place. In the afternoon after the lunch i heard the sounds of dhols being played. CD was leaving for the venue. I knew that i won't be attending the wedding. I knew that now i won't find CD in our building everyday. I knew that now i won't be able to eat her head for learning DOS, HTML, programming, etc(she's a computer fanatic). As i was thinking all this, i felt like going downstairs, hugging her, saying goodbye and wishing her a happy married life. But i didn't. Maybe i was too shy to go to her amidst so many of her family members. Maybe i thought that i wasn't her family member after all. And now when i look back, i regret. Why do we think so much before expressing ourselves?? Why do we think so much about what "others" will think?? "Others", who do not hold any importance in our lives. It was an important day of her life. Why i couldn't say her a final goodbye?? I wish i had hugged her and i was a part of those moments....those moments that won't ever come back...

A ten rupee note

Last year, a very influential incident took place in my life. It was a hot afternoon and i had to go to nsp to meet some of my friends. I was looking for a rickshaw when i saw a poor old man riding a rickshaw passing by. I stopped him and i asked him if he could drop me to kanhaiya nagar metro station. He said that he was going back to his home for lunch. Nonetheless, he decided to drop me with the hope of earning 10 Rs. Generally there's not much traffic in that area during afternoon. But surprisingly there was a lot of traffic that day and heat was also scorching. The poor and weak old man got frustrated for having agreed to drop me. He somehow struggled through the way and it took us about half an hour to reach kanhaiya nagar(generally it doesn't take more than 10 minutes). When i got down, I decided to give him an extra 10 rupee note that is i gave him two 10 rupee notes in all. Few minutes back the man who was getting frustrated and irritated suddenly had a smile on his face and shine in his eyes. He forgot about his lunch, the bad weather, the traffic jam and blessed me. That's when i realised the worth of a 10 rupee note. Most of us don't even think before wasting a "small amount" of 10 rupees on something silly. But for that man the same 10 rupees meant so much. I just feel glad that i brought a smile on his old and wrinkled face and got his blessings as well. That was the worth of a 10 rupee note....
Another thing that i got to learn is when you are trying head bangs for the fisrt time, be careful!!! The after effects can be quite painful...:(:(
Yesterday was star night in DTU. For me, it was one of the most memorable days of my college life as some of my closest friends from different friend circles came together and made it a memorable evening. I never knew it was so simple to bring people together...!!!