I wish I had hugged her....

Well, this post is about a beautiful girl(lady would sound a bit older) named Charu or CD(charu didi) as a lovingly call her. First let me introduce CD. We used to live in the same building on different floors, one above another before she got married. She claims to have seen me since the day i was born but i can't prove the authenticity of her claim...Just joking!!! So, i always wanted to tell her something. I remember the day she was to get married. The venue that was chosen was quite far from our place and probability of my attending her wedding was quite less. At that time i was not old enough to drive on my own or with my brother and we had to rely entirely on our parents or grand parents for going to some distant place. In the afternoon after the lunch i heard the sounds of dhols being played. CD was leaving for the venue. I knew that i won't be attending the wedding. I knew that now i won't find CD in our building everyday. I knew that now i won't be able to eat her head for learning DOS, HTML, programming, etc(she's a computer fanatic). As i was thinking all this, i felt like going downstairs, hugging her, saying goodbye and wishing her a happy married life. But i didn't. Maybe i was too shy to go to her amidst so many of her family members. Maybe i thought that i wasn't her family member after all. And now when i look back, i regret. Why do we think so much before expressing ourselves?? Why do we think so much about what "others" will think?? "Others", who do not hold any importance in our lives. It was an important day of her life. Why i couldn't say her a final goodbye?? I wish i had hugged her and i was a part of those moments....those moments that won't ever come back...


  1. My eyes shed tears after reading this. If I was there, I would have given you a dear hug. When I am back, you will surely get a big one with chocolates!!
    Lots of luv,

  2. waiting desperately...for the chocolates...;)
    just joking...;);)

  3. Maybe you missed the moment, but you still care n love her, isn't it what is desired at the end. We all have such moments where we mustn't had hesitated, but happens to all... a very sweet post :)
    and well as I read in that other post of yours, you can gift something nice to the "proud mommy " something sweet to make up for the past hesitation.. :)

    Randomly came across your Blog... its nice :)