A ten rupee note

Last year, a very influential incident took place in my life. It was a hot afternoon and i had to go to nsp to meet some of my friends. I was looking for a rickshaw when i saw a poor old man riding a rickshaw passing by. I stopped him and i asked him if he could drop me to kanhaiya nagar metro station. He said that he was going back to his home for lunch. Nonetheless, he decided to drop me with the hope of earning 10 Rs. Generally there's not much traffic in that area during afternoon. But surprisingly there was a lot of traffic that day and heat was also scorching. The poor and weak old man got frustrated for having agreed to drop me. He somehow struggled through the way and it took us about half an hour to reach kanhaiya nagar(generally it doesn't take more than 10 minutes). When i got down, I decided to give him an extra 10 rupee note that is i gave him two 10 rupee notes in all. Few minutes back the man who was getting frustrated and irritated suddenly had a smile on his face and shine in his eyes. He forgot about his lunch, the bad weather, the traffic jam and blessed me. That's when i realised the worth of a 10 rupee note. Most of us don't even think before wasting a "small amount" of 10 rupees on something silly. But for that man the same 10 rupees meant so much. I just feel glad that i brought a smile on his old and wrinkled face and got his blessings as well. That was the worth of a 10 rupee note....


  1. thats true dear...we don't value the thing we have instead we waste our time in cribbing about the things we don't have.

  2. hats off to you.......