A fight and a pizza...!!!


Few days back, i had a big fight with my brother over some misunderstanding and the fight ended on a very funny note. In the morning, i was going through the newspaper when his phone beeped. It was lying by my side so i picked it up to read the message. The moment i picked up his phone, he pulled me forcefully and tried to snatch his phone so that i may not read the message. And the first thing that came to my mind was he definitely had something to hide from me. I felt extremely bad as for my brother, my life is an open book. Hence it was really disappointing for me to see his apprehension about my reading a message in his phone. So we didn't speak to each other for the next 7-8 hours. In the evening when i was sleeping, he came to me and tried to make up. But i didn't respond well leaving him angry. Then when i got up, i went to him to make up and then he didn't respond. Again he tried and asked me if i would like to have a pizza and again i was too angry to say yes. And after that began a session of full on verbal fight. He said something, i said something. His side of the story was that he was anticipating a vulgar kind of a message from some of his close friends and that's why he didn't want me to read it. He further promised me that he had nothing to hide from me. I was already in tears by then and when i realised that our fight was nearly(and not completely) over, i(still tearful) said to him "pizza mangwa le". The very moment we both burst out laughing!!! The serious and sad air suddenly became so funny. I don't know whether my words have been able to describe well the hilariousness of the situation or not, but it definitely was quite hilarious. A pizza to make up for a silly fight!!!

Problems...and bigger problems...


Recently one of my friends sent me an SMS that carried a beautiful meaning. It actually compelled me to think. Whenever we come across a bad phase, we always blame others and at times even God for all the mishappenings in our lives. But we forget that there are many people across the world who have much bigger problems in their lives but are still facing them bravely. At this very moment........

Somewhere a father has lost his son,

Somewhere a kid has become an orphan,

Somewhere a person has lost his eyes,

Somewhere a poor hungry child cries,

Somewhere a man has betrayed his wife,

Somewhere someone has taken his life,

Somewhere a worker has lost his bread,

Somewhere tears of despair shed,

Somewhere a lifeless child is born,

Somewhere forever the hopes have gone,

Its only God's kindness and grace,

That we are not in their place,

But we tend to look at the thorns of gloom,
Overlooking the beautiful flowers that bloom.....

A humble man

It is often said that the people who are very successful are also the ones who are very humble. Yesterday i went to see delhi vs chennai IPL match in ferozshah kotla stadium. The stadium is divided into seven sections and ours was the 3rd section. It was delhi's batting first. As the people were trying to catch a glimpse of the players on field, Justine Kemp, a south african player from the chennai team stood at the boundary, just a few metres from us. People from our section got quite excited and started calling out him name KEMP! KEMP! He looked at our section for a few seconds and then without responding, turned his face. Obviously we were disappointed. After sometime, Matthew Hayden(there is no need of introducing him) stood at the same position, again a few metres from us. Again we all got quite quite excited and called out his name Hayden! Hayden! He looked at our section, gave a vibrant smile and waved his hand. All the people cheered and applauded for him. It is very well known that Matthew Hayden is a big name in the world of cricket, and definitely a much bigger name than Justine Kemp. After seeing Kemp's rection I wasn't really expecting Hayden to respond to the crowd. But he did and acknowledged the people who were cheering for him. That's called humility. I was so impressed with his gesture that ignoring the fact that he was from the opponent team, i cheered for him throughout the rest of the match! This even drew criticism from my brother and my cousin who were sitting just next to me. For them it was quite amusing as well as annoying to see my sudden liking for Matthew Hayden. There were also some other exciting moments as well. Like waving the delhi daredevils' bandana when the camera would go past our section, sehwag's amazing shots, cheer leaders dancing to the tunes of bollywood music, seeing legends like murlidharan and hayden, etc. Another thing that was going on in my mind was the DCE-DTU protest that was going on in CP at the same time. Honestly speaking yes, i did feel guilty for not being there for the good cause. It was like an ethical dilemma to chose between IPL and the protest. I won't say that IPL was the ethically right choice to make but then it was an exciting opportunity as well....

As we all stand united...


Yesterday was the biggest test of our unity and the biggest impact of the on going protest. And we passed with flying colours!!! With 98% students boycotting the mid-semester exams, it was like a tight slap on the face of the V.C. and his supporters who tried every possible means to break our unity. It was pleasantly surprising as the students gathered in Japanese Park to boycott mid-sems. It was being anticipated that students might go to the college to check out the situation there and might be persuaded by the authorities to sit for the exam as well. But that didn't happen. God knows what was going on in the "non-functioning" mind of our v.c. when he gave the statement that 3000 students will be appearing for the exam!!! Just 65 students out of 2900 turned up!!! It shows that we really love our college. Even we can go to any extent to salvage its name and pride. Its the time to celebrate with slogans like: "Gali gali mein shor hai, P.B. sharma chor hai", "Pabbu ne paise khaaye hain khaaye hain khaaye hain", "Ek do ek do Pabbu ko uthaake fake do" and the best one "Do chavanni thali mein, P.B. Sharma naali mein"!!! Kudos to our seniors from 4th year who sparked this agitation!!! And three cheers for all of us as we all stand united!!!

We the people....


This post is about the on going protest in DCE. The sparks appeared on 4th March 2010. I remember we were supposed to have a class test that day and just before the class a senior asked all of us to go to the main gate to join the other students who had sparked the protest. We all got very excited for two reasons. Firstly we got a chance to see a live protest and also be a part of it. Secondly none of us really wanted to give the class test(engineers are never really "prepared" for a test...any amount of time turns out to be insufficient!!!). But soon we realised that it was not for fun at all. The cause of the protest was much more serious. We were being denied the right to call ourselves DCEites. The name of our prestigious college was being taken away without our consent(Here "our" implies the students and the faculty members). Our college was being converted into a state university and a lot of disadvantages came along with it. But one person who had his pockets filled was our "respected" vice chancellor. It was a protest against him and all such corrupt people. Some incidents that took place afterward really showed that bureaucrats and corrupt people can stoop down to such levels for suppressing the voices raised against them. Some students were expelled and some teachers were suspended. All because they dared to raise their voice. There was lathi charge on students. When we decided to boycott the mid-semester exams, our "respected" V.C. threatened the students that they would be expelled if they won't turn up. But no one did(except some very very few anti-social elements that are always there)!!! Because we all stand united. And we know that its the students and the faculty members who make an institution and such important decisions cannot be taken without taking into consideration their views. We know that this fight is against very strong people but we hope that it will yield something good one day.....

The Gate to a different land...


I recently read an article titled "Bangladesh not a different country" in a magazine. While reading the article I recalled an incident. Around eight years back, I had got a chance of visiting Indo-Bangladesh border. My uncle was DIG in BSF and was posted in Siliguri, West Bengal at that time. Thanks to him that we got this lifetime opportunity. That day we had our lunch in an army base and we travelled in an army bus. I was quite excited about seeing a border for the first time. When we reached there, I saw the huge gate that separated India and Bangladesh. There was a Bangladeshi soldier on the other side of the gate with a big gun in his hand. Among children, there were four people: me, my brother and two of our cousins. As we saw the Bangladeshi soldier, we all got a bit scared of the big gun that he was holding. He looked at us and smiled. Its so true that human emotions transcend national boundaries. Our uncle asked us to go and shake hands with him. So we crossed the gate and entered Bangladesh. I can't really explain how it felt as we walked a few steps to find ourselves in a different country!!! We shook hands with him. It was a firm shakehand or an "armyman shakehand" as i call it. He also allowed us to pluck some grass from there as a souvenir of our visit(children can be so ridiculously stupid at times)!!! Now when i think of it, i feel that had it not been his uniform and the big gun in his hand, we would probably have thought of him as one of us. When we had crossed the gate, the land was no different, the air was no different, and the man was no different. Still, it was not India but Bangladesh....

From strangers to strangers again....


In college life, I frequently got to see a lot of link-ups and break-ups. Some were mere rumours while some were true as well. Some of my close friends also went through heart-breaks and the pain after that. One thing that i have noticed is that two people in love suddenly become strangers once they break-up. They find it difficult to confront each other. They refuse to see face to face when they bump into each other accidently. Isn't it strange that two people closest to each other become strangers all of a sudden??? As a put my thoughts into words...

One day two strangers meet,
Pleasantly with a pleasant greet,
In each other they find a friend,
Slowly slowly their hearts blend,
As unknowingly they fall in love,
The God of Love smiles above,
Amidst the stars and under the skies,
They sit lost in each other's eyes,
Together the moments of joy they embrace,
And the world seems to be a beautiful place,
Then one day for all the wrong reasons,
Forgetting the beautiful times and seasons,
They decide to go separate ways,
Oblivious to the fact that the feeling stays,
They avoid seeing face to face,
LOVE - Hatred and Pain replace,
And to do away with the feeling that stays,
They decide to remain strangers always....