As we all stand united...

Yesterday was the biggest test of our unity and the biggest impact of the on going protest. And we passed with flying colours!!! With 98% students boycotting the mid-semester exams, it was like a tight slap on the face of the V.C. and his supporters who tried every possible means to break our unity. It was pleasantly surprising as the students gathered in Japanese Park to boycott mid-sems. It was being anticipated that students might go to the college to check out the situation there and might be persuaded by the authorities to sit for the exam as well. But that didn't happen. God knows what was going on in the "non-functioning" mind of our v.c. when he gave the statement that 3000 students will be appearing for the exam!!! Just 65 students out of 2900 turned up!!! It shows that we really love our college. Even we can go to any extent to salvage its name and pride. Its the time to celebrate with slogans like: "Gali gali mein shor hai, P.B. sharma chor hai", "Pabbu ne paise khaaye hain khaaye hain khaaye hain", "Ek do ek do Pabbu ko uthaake fake do" and the best one "Do chavanni thali mein, P.B. Sharma naali mein"!!! Kudos to our seniors from 4th year who sparked this agitation!!! And three cheers for all of us as we all stand united!!!


  1. "Kudos to our seniors from 4th year who sparked this agitation"

    Thanku thanku :) boycotting mid sem was the most daring awesome experience in colg :D

    Now I realize you are my junior.. lol..!!