A fight and a pizza...!!!

Few days back, i had a big fight with my brother over some misunderstanding and the fight ended on a very funny note. In the morning, i was going through the newspaper when his phone beeped. It was lying by my side so i picked it up to read the message. The moment i picked up his phone, he pulled me forcefully and tried to snatch his phone so that i may not read the message. And the first thing that came to my mind was he definitely had something to hide from me. I felt extremely bad as for my brother, my life is an open book. Hence it was really disappointing for me to see his apprehension about my reading a message in his phone. So we didn't speak to each other for the next 7-8 hours. In the evening when i was sleeping, he came to me and tried to make up. But i didn't respond well leaving him angry. Then when i got up, i went to him to make up and then he didn't respond. Again he tried and asked me if i would like to have a pizza and again i was too angry to say yes. And after that began a session of full on verbal fight. He said something, i said something. His side of the story was that he was anticipating a vulgar kind of a message from some of his close friends and that's why he didn't want me to read it. He further promised me that he had nothing to hide from me. I was already in tears by then and when i realised that our fight was nearly(and not completely) over, i(still tearful) said to him "pizza mangwa le". The very moment we both burst out laughing!!! The serious and sad air suddenly became so funny. I don't know whether my words have been able to describe well the hilariousness of the situation or not, but it definitely was quite hilarious. A pizza to make up for a silly fight!!!


  1. yeah...kyun?? even u hv been tearful at times..so why cnt i???

  2. Brother-sister fights are usually very gruesome (literally) but always end on a funny note!!!!!!!!