From strangers to strangers again....

In college life, I frequently got to see a lot of link-ups and break-ups. Some were mere rumours while some were true as well. Some of my close friends also went through heart-breaks and the pain after that. One thing that i have noticed is that two people in love suddenly become strangers once they break-up. They find it difficult to confront each other. They refuse to see face to face when they bump into each other accidently. Isn't it strange that two people closest to each other become strangers all of a sudden??? As a put my thoughts into words...

One day two strangers meet,
Pleasantly with a pleasant greet,
In each other they find a friend,
Slowly slowly their hearts blend,
As unknowingly they fall in love,
The God of Love smiles above,
Amidst the stars and under the skies,
They sit lost in each other's eyes,
Together the moments of joy they embrace,
And the world seems to be a beautiful place,
Then one day for all the wrong reasons,
Forgetting the beautiful times and seasons,
They decide to go separate ways,
Oblivious to the fact that the feeling stays,
They avoid seeing face to face,
LOVE - Hatred and Pain replace,
And to do away with the feeling that stays,
They decide to remain strangers always....

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