A humble man

It is often said that the people who are very successful are also the ones who are very humble. Yesterday i went to see delhi vs chennai IPL match in ferozshah kotla stadium. The stadium is divided into seven sections and ours was the 3rd section. It was delhi's batting first. As the people were trying to catch a glimpse of the players on field, Justine Kemp, a south african player from the chennai team stood at the boundary, just a few metres from us. People from our section got quite excited and started calling out him name KEMP! KEMP! He looked at our section for a few seconds and then without responding, turned his face. Obviously we were disappointed. After sometime, Matthew Hayden(there is no need of introducing him) stood at the same position, again a few metres from us. Again we all got quite quite excited and called out his name Hayden! Hayden! He looked at our section, gave a vibrant smile and waved his hand. All the people cheered and applauded for him. It is very well known that Matthew Hayden is a big name in the world of cricket, and definitely a much bigger name than Justine Kemp. After seeing Kemp's rection I wasn't really expecting Hayden to respond to the crowd. But he did and acknowledged the people who were cheering for him. That's called humility. I was so impressed with his gesture that ignoring the fact that he was from the opponent team, i cheered for him throughout the rest of the match! This even drew criticism from my brother and my cousin who were sitting just next to me. For them it was quite amusing as well as annoying to see my sudden liking for Matthew Hayden. There were also some other exciting moments as well. Like waving the delhi daredevils' bandana when the camera would go past our section, sehwag's amazing shots, cheer leaders dancing to the tunes of bollywood music, seeing legends like murlidharan and hayden, etc. Another thing that was going on in my mind was the DCE-DTU protest that was going on in CP at the same time. Honestly speaking yes, i did feel guilty for not being there for the good cause. It was like an ethical dilemma to chose between IPL and the protest. I won't say that IPL was the ethically right choice to make but then it was an exciting opportunity as well....


  1. Your post reminded me of my college days when I went to watch a match in the same stadium carrying a big pink colour chart paper and a bold marker pen. I can imagine the level of ur enthusiasm while watching indian players off screen.

  2. yeah...even though delhi lost the match, i wud say that i had nice time..!!!