Problems...and bigger problems...

Recently one of my friends sent me an SMS that carried a beautiful meaning. It actually compelled me to think. Whenever we come across a bad phase, we always blame others and at times even God for all the mishappenings in our lives. But we forget that there are many people across the world who have much bigger problems in their lives but are still facing them bravely. At this very moment........

Somewhere a father has lost his son,

Somewhere a kid has become an orphan,

Somewhere a person has lost his eyes,

Somewhere a poor hungry child cries,

Somewhere a man has betrayed his wife,

Somewhere someone has taken his life,

Somewhere a worker has lost his bread,

Somewhere tears of despair shed,

Somewhere a lifeless child is born,

Somewhere forever the hopes have gone,

Its only God's kindness and grace,

That we are not in their place,

But we tend to look at the thorns of gloom,
Overlooking the beautiful flowers that bloom.....

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