Love Vs Friendship

Before starting, let me admit one thing. I may not be able to do justice to this article because of a very simple reason - i am not aware of both sides of the coin. Both the sides, i.e. love and friendship. Because i have always been on the friendship's side. Therefore, my views are bound to favour friendship.....
"Friendship can survive without love but love cannot survive without friendship"

This is just one of the many love vs friendship quotes which generally signify the supremacy of friendship over love. But truth is something else. In real life, if one has to chose between love and friendship, former is the choice generally. Let me express my thoughts with the help of a story. There were three friends - Rohan, Neha and Ekta. Their friendship meant the world to them. They would spend a lot of time together, chat a lot, roam around and most importantly they would share each and every moment of their lives together. One day they came across Arjun, a cool and exuberant guy. Ekta instantly fell for Arjun. Later on she came to know that for some reasons she and Arjun would never be together. But still, her liking for him never faded, her feelings for him never faded. When Rohan and Neha did not approve of Arjun, she started finding faults in them. When Rohan and Neha did not approve of Ekta's growing liking towards a person who would never be with her, she started finding faults in them. And when Arjun didn't approve of Rohan and Neha's disliking towards him, she again starting finding faults in them. Slowly and gradually Ekta started distancing herself from Rohan and Neha. Ultimately Rohan and Neha decided to give up and let the things be the way they were....

What i inferred from this story is when a person is madly in love with someone, his thoughts get so intricately entwined with the other person that he completely loses the ability to think rationally. He doesn't see any flaws in his love. He thinks the way his love thinks. He unknowingly starts distancing himself from rest of the world. And in the whole story, friendship takes a backseat. When your love doesn't approve of your friends, it is seen as concern and when your friend doesn't approve of your love, it is seen as "lack of understanding". Many people might not agree with this but this is what i have observed in three years of my college life. Its very easy to say that friends are and should be more important than love. But then, who follows it....

The Real World

When i was in class XII, our teachers would often tell us that we were about to enter the "real" world which is full of bad and selfish people. At that time i used to think that after all we are the ones who make the "real" world and if we are not bad then how can the real world be?? But when i came to college, it didn't take me long to realise the bitter truth in their words. I was in the "real" world. The world which is full of egocentric, selfish and fake people. The world where people are always ready to take advantage of others for getting their work done. Where people don't think before approaching you for help and when you go to them for some help, they think too hard about how to come up with an excuse so as to avoid helping you. People who claim to be your friends speak all kinds of nonsense about you when you are not around. Your one mistake overshadows your ten achievements and people enjoy highlighting your mistakes. Work determines the duration of friendship. As long as there is work, there is friendship. Work over means friendship over. At times i feel what's the use being good if your goodness is not to be acknowledged. But then "expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is like expecting the lion not to attack you because you are a vegetarian"(this is a famous quote). Your good deeds are soon forgotten and your mistakes are remembered forever. That's the real world! The world which is too bad for the people who are too good. The world where people believe in widening the gaps rather than bridging them. Its really disheartening to see how nice students passed out from school are compelled to imbibe the "ideals" of the real world in them for their survival.....

The taste of salt

These days, i often come across a very funny situation at home. In lunch or dinner, my dad finds a dish to be more salty and my grandpa finds the same dish to be less salty. And they can't have it until and unless the salt is according to their taste and preference. They always wonder how i manage my meal without complaining about the salt(actually my taste buds are slightly defective when it comes to salt!!!) and i always wonder why they can't have their meal without complaining even if the salt is a little less or little more. Similarly in our day-to-day lives, we often come across two kinds of people with conflicting ideologies and at times we agree with neither of them. Generally speaking, its very difficult to convince people regarding views that are opposing to them. Ultimately we decide to give up and let the things be the way they are. Like its absolutely futile to try and convince my dad or my grandpa that the salt is fine. It really becomes very problematic for my mom who always seems to be confused about how much salt to add!!! Even some of my college friends refuse to have something if they find the quantity of salt to be inappropriate. At such times i feel if there was no salt on earth, half of the problems regarding cooking would be solved!!! But then, the food would be tasteless without it. Likewise even the life would become tasteless if every person starts thinking alike. There can be no fun in expressing our views without the people having views opposing ours. That means salt and the people with conflicting views are important ingredients of food and life respectively. Life would be tasteless without either of them.....

Changing times and changing relations

Power cuts are a big problem these days. But many years back when we didn't have inverters, power cuts actually called for a get together for the people of our neighbourhood. All the people would come out of their homes and pass time chatting with each other for nothing less than an hour. The children would enjoy playing hide and seek in the dark and at times even the elders would get childishly involved with them. But now, with inverters in almost every house, people prefer to stay inside their homes during power cuts. In those days, it was a nice opportunity for the people to meet each other, to share a few laughs and to discuss their lives. These days, people are already so busy in their lives and with the inverters, the very excuse of bringing people together has got lost. No one has the time or interest in spending time with people living just next to them.

People often attend various family functions. But truly speaking, most of them do so because its an obligation or a kind of formality. Generally its "if we won't go then they won't come" kind of an attitude that compels people to attend such functions. The relations have become so hollow. The feeling of love and concern even for the family members is fading. When it comes to giving presents to the people on some special occasions, people do not give presents out of love or respect but according to what was given to them on their special occasions.
When we were kids, we would often attend the birthday parties of our friends in the neighbourhood. We would eat a lot, dance a lot, play games like pass the ball and musical chairs. It was so much fun. But now, all of us are so busy in our lives that we hardly get to see each other and speak to each other. On the birthdays, just wishing others or being wished by others gives satisfaction.
The idea of this post is that there was a time when people actually cared for each other, loved each other, and were always ready to be a part of each others' joys and sorrows. But with changing times people have started falling for material things. Feelings of love, respect and concern have taken a backseat. Relations have become so hollow. When a person visits your place, you are "supposed" to welcome him. And when the person leaves, you are "supposed" to ask him to visit again. That's a different thing that the person was never welcomed at all.....

Mega Protest 31rst March 2010

31rst March 2010-An unforgettable day. Because there was so much that happened that day. We were supposed to reach All India Congress Committee(AICC) near India Gate by 5:30 PM for the Mega Protest regarding conversion of DCE to DTU. It took us a lot of time to reach there from central secretariat metro station as we had to take a longer route because the shorter route to AICC was blocked. After walking for several kilometres, we managed to reach there by 6:45 PM. A lot of students were already sitting in front of the Congress office and were shouting slogans against our v.c. and the delhi government. So we joined the crowd and shouted slogans to call the Congress people sitting inside the office to come outside. But no one did. There were Police Barricades in the front and there was heavy security in that area. We were asked to leave the place immediately by 7:30 PM but our leaders decided not to leave without meeting someone from Congress. At 7:30 came a water canon in the front to stop the agitation. Everybody stood up and shouted slogans even louder. Suddenly the crowd started running backwards. There was lathi charge on the students in the front. I was quite scared at that very moment as i couldn't have afforded to fall while running because it was a stampede kind of a situation and the consequences of falling could have been really bad. Moreover a lot of policemen were running behind us with lathis in there hands, ready to hit any student in their reach. At one point of time i felt as if i won't be able to run any more and i decided to halt for a while. Few seconds later, again there was lathi charge and we had no other option but to run for our lives. Soon the crowd reached the main road and decided to block the road in retaliation to the lathi charge. I decided to stay away from the crowd with two of my friends. Soon there was a traffic jam in that area and we could see more police jeeps approaching the sight to handle the situation. The students asked the policemen to apologise for their actions. And the result was a lathi charge again. We saw the crowd coming towards us and we had to run again. It was only when we reached India Gate, that the crowd dispersed a bit. We could see the distant vendors from there. We were already quite thirsty by then and went there to relieve our dry throats. After few minutes some of my classmates also came there escaping the lathi charge. The shouts of slogans, the sight of a water canon before us, the lathi charge and running hard to escape the lathi charge, all seemed quite scary at some point of time. But now, i actually feel proud that i was there when it all happened. How many people get a chance to do something like this for their college??? I feel proud that i did get a chance and i didn't step back. No one knows what will be the outcome of this protest and whether our efforts will bring some fruitful results or will go in vain. But as some intelligent person has said:
Toofano mein yun hi kashti paar nahi hoti,
Koshish karne waalon ki haar nahi hoti...