Changing times and changing relations

Power cuts are a big problem these days. But many years back when we didn't have inverters, power cuts actually called for a get together for the people of our neighbourhood. All the people would come out of their homes and pass time chatting with each other for nothing less than an hour. The children would enjoy playing hide and seek in the dark and at times even the elders would get childishly involved with them. But now, with inverters in almost every house, people prefer to stay inside their homes during power cuts. In those days, it was a nice opportunity for the people to meet each other, to share a few laughs and to discuss their lives. These days, people are already so busy in their lives and with the inverters, the very excuse of bringing people together has got lost. No one has the time or interest in spending time with people living just next to them.

People often attend various family functions. But truly speaking, most of them do so because its an obligation or a kind of formality. Generally its "if we won't go then they won't come" kind of an attitude that compels people to attend such functions. The relations have become so hollow. The feeling of love and concern even for the family members is fading. When it comes to giving presents to the people on some special occasions, people do not give presents out of love or respect but according to what was given to them on their special occasions.
When we were kids, we would often attend the birthday parties of our friends in the neighbourhood. We would eat a lot, dance a lot, play games like pass the ball and musical chairs. It was so much fun. But now, all of us are so busy in our lives that we hardly get to see each other and speak to each other. On the birthdays, just wishing others or being wished by others gives satisfaction.
The idea of this post is that there was a time when people actually cared for each other, loved each other, and were always ready to be a part of each others' joys and sorrows. But with changing times people have started falling for material things. Feelings of love, respect and concern have taken a backseat. Relations have become so hollow. When a person visits your place, you are "supposed" to welcome him. And when the person leaves, you are "supposed" to ask him to visit again. That's a different thing that the person was never welcomed at all.....

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  1. It is at instances such as these, that you can differentiate genuine relationships from the others...