Mega Protest 31rst March 2010

31rst March 2010-An unforgettable day. Because there was so much that happened that day. We were supposed to reach All India Congress Committee(AICC) near India Gate by 5:30 PM for the Mega Protest regarding conversion of DCE to DTU. It took us a lot of time to reach there from central secretariat metro station as we had to take a longer route because the shorter route to AICC was blocked. After walking for several kilometres, we managed to reach there by 6:45 PM. A lot of students were already sitting in front of the Congress office and were shouting slogans against our v.c. and the delhi government. So we joined the crowd and shouted slogans to call the Congress people sitting inside the office to come outside. But no one did. There were Police Barricades in the front and there was heavy security in that area. We were asked to leave the place immediately by 7:30 PM but our leaders decided not to leave without meeting someone from Congress. At 7:30 came a water canon in the front to stop the agitation. Everybody stood up and shouted slogans even louder. Suddenly the crowd started running backwards. There was lathi charge on the students in the front. I was quite scared at that very moment as i couldn't have afforded to fall while running because it was a stampede kind of a situation and the consequences of falling could have been really bad. Moreover a lot of policemen were running behind us with lathis in there hands, ready to hit any student in their reach. At one point of time i felt as if i won't be able to run any more and i decided to halt for a while. Few seconds later, again there was lathi charge and we had no other option but to run for our lives. Soon the crowd reached the main road and decided to block the road in retaliation to the lathi charge. I decided to stay away from the crowd with two of my friends. Soon there was a traffic jam in that area and we could see more police jeeps approaching the sight to handle the situation. The students asked the policemen to apologise for their actions. And the result was a lathi charge again. We saw the crowd coming towards us and we had to run again. It was only when we reached India Gate, that the crowd dispersed a bit. We could see the distant vendors from there. We were already quite thirsty by then and went there to relieve our dry throats. After few minutes some of my classmates also came there escaping the lathi charge. The shouts of slogans, the sight of a water canon before us, the lathi charge and running hard to escape the lathi charge, all seemed quite scary at some point of time. But now, i actually feel proud that i was there when it all happened. How many people get a chance to do something like this for their college??? I feel proud that i did get a chance and i didn't step back. No one knows what will be the outcome of this protest and whether our efforts will bring some fruitful results or will go in vain. But as some intelligent person has said:
Toofano mein yun hi kashti paar nahi hoti,
Koshish karne waalon ki haar nahi hoti...


  1. is this appreciation or sarcasm???

  2. Genuine appreciation from the heart

  3. Seriously India gate tak bhaga bhaga kar maara tha...
    and jab log India gate jake families ke sath jake baith gaye to heart beat check kar karke maara tha... :)