The taste of salt

These days, i often come across a very funny situation at home. In lunch or dinner, my dad finds a dish to be more salty and my grandpa finds the same dish to be less salty. And they can't have it until and unless the salt is according to their taste and preference. They always wonder how i manage my meal without complaining about the salt(actually my taste buds are slightly defective when it comes to salt!!!) and i always wonder why they can't have their meal without complaining even if the salt is a little less or little more. Similarly in our day-to-day lives, we often come across two kinds of people with conflicting ideologies and at times we agree with neither of them. Generally speaking, its very difficult to convince people regarding views that are opposing to them. Ultimately we decide to give up and let the things be the way they are. Like its absolutely futile to try and convince my dad or my grandpa that the salt is fine. It really becomes very problematic for my mom who always seems to be confused about how much salt to add!!! Even some of my college friends refuse to have something if they find the quantity of salt to be inappropriate. At such times i feel if there was no salt on earth, half of the problems regarding cooking would be solved!!! But then, the food would be tasteless without it. Likewise even the life would become tasteless if every person starts thinking alike. There can be no fun in expressing our views without the people having views opposing ours. That means salt and the people with conflicting views are important ingredients of food and life respectively. Life would be tasteless without either of them.....

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