Happy Mothers' Day

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Mothers' Day...A day to celebrate motherhood...A day to make your mother feel special...A day to tell her how much you love her...

But according to me, everyday day should be a Mothers' Day. We shouldn't wait for a single day to make our mothers feel special. We shouldn't keep our love in our hearts to be expressed on a single day. Because mothers are indeed so special...


Very often people tell me that i have a sweet smile and a soft voice, both of which i have inherited from my mom. At home, my dad often finds it irritating when i take my mom's side during an argument. Its not because i am partial towards her but because i completely identify with her. Because i am so much like her. Because usually i feel if i were in her place then even i would do the same. Because i feel mom understands me so well. Some of my friends often tell me how they tell their moms about all the happenings everyday. Because my mom is a doctor, i don't really get too much time to spend with her. That's why i eagerly wait for my mom to get back from her workplace. I love to lie down with my head in her lap and feel her hand moving over my head. I love the way she surprises us by making nice delicacies when we casually ask her to make something special. I love the way she teasingly tells my brother that she loves me slightly more than him because she experienced motherhood for the first time because of me! I love the fact that i look like her, i speak like her. Mothers always see the best in their kids. We can't even imagine how much our mothers love us and as we grow up, this relation strengthens more and beautifully culminates into friendship. I heartily wish all the mothers a very Happy Mothers' Day!!!


  1. such a touching post... I truly feel that u r just like ur mom & i love the soft sweet voice of both of u... missing my mom more after reading this..happy mothers day!!

  2. all days shud be mother's day... very true.. :)