I don't know why....

Few days back, i got to see the first glimpse of the corporate world. A core electronics company had come to the college for an internship program but i was more excited about dressing up in formals and seeing my friends dressed up in formals as well! We were supposed to have a written exam followed by an interview for those clearing the exam. As expected, very few people managed to clear the exam. Among those who couldn't clear it, some didn't really bother much whereas some started thinking what could have gone wrong with their answers. Moreover, some people whose friends got selected but they didn't felt quite low. A lot was going on in my mind at that time. Actually i wasn't really serious about getting selected that day so i didn't really feel bad about not clearing the exam or my friends clearing it. But in few months when we'll start with our placement session, we'll often find ourselves in such a situation. At times our friends will clear the exams and interviews while we might not be able to. I would always want to be a part of their success and joys but i don't know why i feel i might not be able to. I would always want to be a part of their celebrations but i don't know why i feel i might not be able to. I don't know what is the real cause of getting disheartened at such times: your own failure or your friend's success??? Or does your friend's success accentuate your failure??? I simply don't know and I can't understand what I should do when I find myself in such a situation....


  1. hello junior.. :)
    life is never a joyride of high good-feeling emotions.. it thrashes us at times like it is our biggest enemy.. and then we just do "I don't know why"..!!
    you are at the genesis of a very important phase in your life.. I know my words of wisdom won't cause much help (because my seniors' did not help me.. :P) but still I'll ask you not to worry.. If you are lucky and good (which I seriously wish,) you will not face any challenges and go smoothly about it.. But if you don't get lucky, then there lies a good test of your patience and perseverance.. hold on to whatever you believe.. trust your abilities and enjoy your tough times.. they are meant to pass.. things may seem heavy.. life may taste bitter at times.. but believe me, you will win at the end.. and then you'll realize the importance of the journey.. the importance of the hurdles.. which will not only lead you to your destination but also make you a matured and a stable human being at the end..
    good wishes for you...
    all the best..

    PS: that was long!!..

  2. thnx a lot sir..for such wonderful n encouraging thoughts...n also for such a long comment!!!