Some passions...not followed...

So, i am writing after quite sometime. Examination time! I have already screwed two papers so far. Two more are left. God knows what'll be their fate. Since its exam time these days, let me express my hatred for these exams. I hate exams!!! Not because i hate studies or i am scared of hard work. But because i feel that mugging up so many formulae, derivations and theory which i'll definitely forget after coming out of the examination hall, cannot make me a good engineer.

Anyways, lets get back to the topic. Well, i study in the topmost branch of one of the best engineering colleges of our country. I remember the day i cleared my entrance exam. My parents and friends were so excited about it, and so was i. That was the last time i felt like having achieved something big(in academics off course). In three years of my college life, i can't think of a single moment of feeling proud of calling myself an engineer. I hate labs, lectures, assignments, files and what not!!! Although i have managed a decent percentage, i have never ever felt passionate about engineering. Being in this field, I have never experienced the kind of happiness i get when people praise me for my music n at times writing skills. I have never experienced the kind of happiness i get when i perform before a big audience amidst cheers and claps. And so, at times i wonder why am i here??? And then i realise that the answers cannot be explained. Similarly one of my batchmates takes a lot of interest in photography. He reminds me of R. Madhavan's character from 3 Idiots. Whenever i see the pics clicked by him i always feel he shouldn't be in an engineering college man!!! And then, the same story applies to him as well. Likewise i see a lot of people around me who are passionate about a lot of things like singing, dancing, sports, instrumental, etc but not engineering. But still they are here. Giving up their passions for something they don't even like. Maybe its a kind of rat race. A race where a person who scores well in school has to opt for science, has to clear entrances, has to become a doctor or an engineer. Other subjects are not for academically bright students. And the irony is we ourselves have chosen to be a part of this rat race....


  1. This interesting bit reminded me of the time you told me about how you look up to Shakespeare, and not Einstein!
    I believe, that deliberately or otherwise we have chosen to be a part of this race to 'play safe'. We are just petrified of not getting an impressive pay-cheque in the field we would actually like to be in. Not all of us are good risk takers, so we end up compromising. So, it eventually comes down to a matter of individual choice. Eventually in life if we do not do the things that we actually want to do, will we end up being dissatisfied; so as a career or as a hobby, as per an individual's prudence, we should always do what we want to, because one's degree should not necessarily determine one's career.
    "95% people in the world do the things they are second best at, and it is the other 5% who rule the world!"

  2. that's exactly what i wanted to convey through this post...

  3. Well..i dun think dat we chose it..we hardly knew anything about "engineering!!"..except for the fact that it is an honorable thing to do..!! I m sure had we been given a choice then surely we would have been doing things of our expertise snd interest..Anyway..the post is thought provoking..infact..i have thought alot about it..!!..conclusion is that whatever it is..this only is the reality..cant change the facts right!!