The dirty game of politics...or Raajneeti as they call it...

As the title suggests, this post is inspired by the latest bollywood release "Raajneeti". I saw the movie few days back. It very cannily unveiled the dirty face of the Indian politics. Not just politics, but the families as well.
So, we are well aware of the stories of Mahabharata. At the time when the dramas based on this epic were quite popular, i hardly took any interest in what it was all about. But now i feel that the person who wrote mahabharata was so right about what all he wrote. In politics, its the "kursi" that holds the prime importance. Even the people having the blood relations don't think before back stabbing each other when it comes to kursi. Politicians go to every possible extent to expand their vote banks by canvassing on the public sentiments. Rather than highlighting their own achievements they believe in highlighting the failures of their opponents because no one really has much achievements to boast about. A lot of times i feel when the opposition people negate the policies of the ruling government, what is their actual motive??? Do they actually care about the public welfare??? Definitely not! These are just dirty tactics to weaken the ruling govt to get the kursi again! Even if it requires a few murders, it hardly matters for these people. What's the big deal about spending a few lakhs to completely wipe out a person who can be "harmful" to your reputation!! What a cut throat competition!! Even in families we see brothers fighting over family property. Everyone wants more than the others. No one feels satisfied with what he gets. When some politician dies a tragic death, in no time others give statements about how good a leader he was. But at the back of their minds, they start thinking about filling the void left by him!! Another good aspect of the movie was that inspite of all the mishappenings, the life goes on. Whether its politics or something else, it doesn't stop or wait for anybody. Ultimately, new people fill the voids left by others. That's Raajneeti....


  1. Yeah..u r right.. filling up the voids is what u call is rajneeti..i agree..but i kinda hate that very concept where human life is not valued!!..nyway..the movie is good for sure..saw it..enjoyed it..could hv been a lot better..but delivered the msg successfully..which you are conveying in ur wrds.. nice post.. i like the humbleness and truthfulness and simplicity in ur the same tym..lots of scope for advancement..keep up gal:)