Dear Dad...


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Fathers are like coconuts. Sounds weird??? Maybe, but fathers are actually like coconuts... hard from outside and soft from inside. My dad often complains about how we are more caring and more concerned when it comes to mom. Maybe because mothers are so expressive, we always get to know their care and concern towards us. But even fathers are no less caring and concerned. The only problem is they are not expressive enough.
There are a lot of qualities that my dad has tried to inculcate in me and continues to try even now. The qualities like being disciplined, honest, hard-working and confident are some of them. He often tells me that i should never hesitate while speaking to anyone, whosoever the person might be. At times when i yell on seeing lizards and cockroaches, he acts like Akshay Kumar of fear factor, trying to allay my fears by deliberately pushing me closer to lizards and cockroaches!!! He knows the "art" of pampering me and keeping me grounded at the same time.
He always manages to fulfill his responsibilities so perfectly and effortlessly that we don't even realise how responsible he is. Apart from being a wonderful father, he is a loving husband as well. So much so, that at times mom has to remind him that they are getting older now!! At times, he gets so childishly involved in our pranks that mom fails to understand who are kids n who is dad!! And how can i forget to thank him for the wonderful gift of poetry that i have inherited from him. He has been a secret poet as well!! No doubt i write poetry so well...;);)
Yes, there are times when we feel that dad is not very understanding and not in sync with the current times. But still, he tries to bring out the best possible human beings in us, even if we dislike certain things. Love you dad...

The Expressions of Rain

Monsoon-The most awaited of all seasons, not only relieves people from the scorching heat of May-June but also brings with it the beautiful fragrance of "geeli mitti", some festivities and some nice delicacies apart from inspiring our romantic film-makers! Here are some of my experiences depicting various moods and expressions of rain....


Lazy - I absolutely love spending lazy evenings at home on a rainy day. Sitting by the window, having delicious pakodas made by mom, sipping hot coffee, having earphones in my ears with some of my favourite tracks being played and the fragrance of "geeli mitti" all around....what a feel!!! It absolutely gives the feel of being in a hill station....

Romantic - I remember one particular trip to Nainital when it was drizzling during most of our journey in the hills. The cool soft breeze was blowing along with the drizzle and some nice romantic bollywood songs were being played on the disk player. And at the same time when you get to relish the taste of sweet and sour corn...Amazing!!! The mountains, wind, drizzle, romantic songs... sound so romantic. No doubt rain inspires so many bollywood film-makers who have given us some of the best romantic rain songs....

Fun and Frolic - Around two years back there was heavy rain on a particular day in august-14th August. It was the birthday of one of my close college friends. We had plans of going for a nice birthday treat before it rained. But, we didn't let the rain spoil our plans. I remember when we got down at Metro Walk while coming back from the college, it was still raining heavily. People must have thought these girls are crazy!!! When most of the people were hurrying to get to the metro station or at least under some shed, we were heading for our birthday treat!!!

Chaotic - With the ever growing traffic and the on going(but never ending) construction for commonwealth games, a rainy day can be quite chaotic as well! I remember the very first working day of my college in 1rst semester. It was raining. When i got down at Rithala, there was no conveyance- no autos, no RTVs and heavy traffic. One RTV came after waiting for sometime but so many people had gathered by then that it was very difficult to get into it. Somehow, i managed to get in and then realised that the RTV was too short for my height(and i m not very tall!!!). I had to bend almost by 90 degrees for the ride from Rithala to DCE! It was one of my worst experiences in an RTV in all these years.


So, even if we face difficulties in commuting because of poor road maintenance, as long as the weather is good, i don't mind! Rains are beautiful. And even while writing this, i am having delicious samosas and jalebis... ;) Happy Monsoon!

Zamina mina...Fifa Calling!


After IPL, FIFA has become a rage among the masses. Surprisingly, I have started liking and enjoying football too much...much more than cricket!!! Excitement, vigour, aggression, shockers, drama, emotions, it has it all. People are dancing to the tunes of shakira's waka waka. It's indeed a crazy game!!!


Few days was back, i was watching the pre-quarter final match between Japan and Paraguay. So far, it has been the only match that went on till penalty shoot out. Both the teams were neck to neck till a player from Japan missed a goal...the goal that cost his team the match. When the match was over, there were completely opposite pictures on two sides. On one hand, there was ecstatic joy and on the other was sheer disappointment. There were tears on both sides but on one side they signified extreme happiness and on the other, extreme dejection. That's life! You win some and you lose some. The grief of losing intensifies when you lose just by a whisker.
There have been quite a few matches with completely unexpected results as well. At times people excel beyond the expectations of others and those who are expected to do well...disappoint. Teams like Italy, Brazil, England and even Argentina(in its last match) were quite disappointing. Imagine what happened to the people who bet on these teams. Phew! Moreover, at times people find it difficult to accept their defeat which leads to frustration and war of words. I remember the match in which Italy was knocked out of the tournament. Seeing that they were losing they showed aggression on the field but in a bad taste.
The moment of scoring a goal is so exciting! The entire team over the player who scores the goal! Crazy! And at times a tactfully scored goal is overruled because of off-side. Disheartening! With beers, champagnes, music, dancing, painted faces and waving flags the atmosphere seems so lively and ecstatic!
Isn't Fifa so real??? So much like the real life. So much so that the "gentlemanly" game of cricket doesn't seem so exciting anymore! Fifa truly rocks!!!