Dear Dad...

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Fathers are like coconuts. Sounds weird??? Maybe, but fathers are actually like coconuts... hard from outside and soft from inside. My dad often complains about how we are more caring and more concerned when it comes to mom. Maybe because mothers are so expressive, we always get to know their care and concern towards us. But even fathers are no less caring and concerned. The only problem is they are not expressive enough.
There are a lot of qualities that my dad has tried to inculcate in me and continues to try even now. The qualities like being disciplined, honest, hard-working and confident are some of them. He often tells me that i should never hesitate while speaking to anyone, whosoever the person might be. At times when i yell on seeing lizards and cockroaches, he acts like Akshay Kumar of fear factor, trying to allay my fears by deliberately pushing me closer to lizards and cockroaches!!! He knows the "art" of pampering me and keeping me grounded at the same time.
He always manages to fulfill his responsibilities so perfectly and effortlessly that we don't even realise how responsible he is. Apart from being a wonderful father, he is a loving husband as well. So much so, that at times mom has to remind him that they are getting older now!! At times, he gets so childishly involved in our pranks that mom fails to understand who are kids n who is dad!! And how can i forget to thank him for the wonderful gift of poetry that i have inherited from him. He has been a secret poet as well!! No doubt i write poetry so well...;);)
Yes, there are times when we feel that dad is not very understanding and not in sync with the current times. But still, he tries to bring out the best possible human beings in us, even if we dislike certain things. Love you dad...


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  2. awww...such a sweet post. Hope your dad read this.

    1. He has read it.. When he came to know that I have a blog, he was too curious to know if I have written something about him or not. When I told him I have, he just couldn't wait to read it!! Padhke thode senti bhi ho gaye the.. :D he got me a new laptop(of my choice) within 2-3 days of reading it!! :-)