As the feeling creeps in...

I feel as if placement is the only thing on my mind these days. Whether i am at home, in college or anywhere else, the thought of getting placed is what crosses my mind all the time. Even when i am on blogger, this is what's on my mind. Yesterday i was sitting in the canteen with some of my friends. Soon they were talking about companies, future prospects, salaries, etc... in short placements. And yes, they were quite excited about getting placed in a very good company. Seeing them so excited, i realised that i am not "placed" yet. Somewhere this strange and "never felt before" feeling was creeping in that made me feel low for the very first time. And then, i thought of some words of encouragement and motivation that i have almost memorised now. I feel good for those who have got placed and i am eagerly waiting to get placed like them. I am eagerly waiting to replace this black and white pic(above) with a bright and colourful one. Here are a few words... might sound a bit poetic.....
I am not jealous of birds,
I just wish i could fly like them,
I am not jealous of stars,
I just wish i could shine like them,
I am not jealous of waves,
I just wish i could rise like them,
I am not jealous of flowers,
I just wish i could bloom like them,
I am not jealous of mountains,
I just wish to touch the sky like them,
and similarly...
I am not jealous of all those who have got placed,
I just wish to get placed like them...

My First Interview...!


Seems like God read my "Reunion" post. Within few days of writing it, i got to face the very first interview of my life!! The written exam was not that tough. Aptitude section was quite simple. After attempting the aptitude section, i was a bit confused about which section to attempt out of analog ckts, analog sales, digital and software. I just took a deep breath and decided to go for analog ckts. It was not as difficult as i had expected. Some questions were really simple. After the written, we had lunch in the canteen. I was not very sure about clearing the written as i hadn't cleared a written so far and i wasn't really prepared for this high profile company called TEXAS INSTRUMENTS. The only thing on my mind was to get back to home as soon as possible study for the company called COSMIC CKTS that was coming next. I was chatting with my friends in the canteen when suddenly a cup of tea spilled all over my white striped shirt (HOW?? well that's a funny story....even i can't remember exactly HOW??) !!! It was raining at that time. I along with two of my friends rushed to the girls' hostel, woke up another friend who was sleeping then, borrowed her Tee and washing power and ran to the washroom. One of my friends washed my shirt well enough to get rid of the tea-stains. After sometime she ironed it to dry it up and I was ready with my white striped shirt which was shining brightly after the wash, thanks to her..:) After that we went to check out the results. I was just waiting for my friends who had gone to check out the notice board. Suddenly one of my friends called out my name. I had cleared the written and was shortlisted for the interview!!! Whoa!!! I was so excited!!! I was about to face my first interview!!! It felt really good. During the interview, i didn't feel nervous. Strange!! The guy who was interviewing me was quite polite. At times when i got confused, he gave hints so that i could proceed further. On the whole, the interview was not that bad, although i didn't get selected. Maybe they were looking for some better skills. But i don't mind. I just felt good about going a step further. Hope i get to write about "My first job" soon. are reading naa??? ;);)

Proud to be an Indian????


Today when i got up in the morning, my cell was beeping with the Independent Day messages and quite a few of them had this line written : "Proud to be an Indian". It's the 64th year of our independence after all!! Definitely something to feel proud of!! But we forget that we were ruled by the outsiders on our own land for more than 200 years. Still, we should feel proud to be Indians. Even the people who are governing us at the moment are so able administrators. There is widespread corruption, common man is being made to bear the brunt of the so called "COMMON" wealth games, price rise and what not! Still, we should feel proud to be Indians.
The Judicial system of our country is equally good. People keep waiting for years with a hope that one day justice will be done. Some even die without getting justice. All the high profile people like politicians, actors and businessmen easily escape and again it's the common man who suffers. Still, we should feel proud to be Indians.
In an age where the world is talking about unimaginable achievements in the field of science and technology, we still haven't been able to eradicate social evils from our society. Even today, so many cases of "Honour" killings are reported. Can there be something more disgusting than this??? Still, we should feel proud to be Indians.
Although our "able" administrators have given us a lot of rights on paper and "only on paper". They talk about the right to education, but where is the infrastructure??? Where are the funds??? I guess we all know very well. They talk about the right to freedom of expression, but when a person writes a book about the life of a high profile politician (The Red Saari), it's banned. On one hand people are dying of hunger, and on the other, tonnes of grain have been left to rot in open. Still, we should feel proud to be Indians.
My aim of writing all this was that we shouldn't forget that India is facing so many problems today. But, instead of doing something about them we feel proud to be Indians!! Why??? Just because others feel so, and again for no reasons??? Not a reason good enough!! I just hope that on some Independence Day i'll actually feel proud to be an Indian...


It always feels good when you meet people after a long time. Talking about old days, nostalgia, memories, everything feels so good. And so, here i am, reuniting with my dear blog!!! It feels really good to write after so many days...

Surprisingly our placement session began well in time. So many companies are coming one after another as if the corporate world is dying to recruit engineers from DCE! I didn't know we people were that good! With the placement session, the race of getting placed in the best among the bests has started. Although it's just the beginning and i am yet to clear a written, i feel as if i am running in a blind race. I don't know where is the right direction but still i am running, like a lot of people around me. And so, "something" decided to stop me, to think, to keep mind at peace. There is a "problem" with optimistic people like me: they somehow manage to see something good in something bad. It's a problem because not many people agree with you. As i am trying to recover from my illness, from somewhere some faith has come that tells me that one day i'll definitely succeed. One day i'll be celebrating my success with my friends and family. Maybe my patience and perseverance will be put to test, but i am all set!! Also i am eagerly waiting to write about "My First Interview". Hope I get to write about it soon.. :) So, here i end..on a postive note...