As the feeling creeps in...

I feel as if placement is the only thing on my mind these days. Whether i am at home, in college or anywhere else, the thought of getting placed is what crosses my mind all the time. Even when i am on blogger, this is what's on my mind. Yesterday i was sitting in the canteen with some of my friends. Soon they were talking about companies, future prospects, salaries, etc... in short placements. And yes, they were quite excited about getting placed in a very good company. Seeing them so excited, i realised that i am not "placed" yet. Somewhere this strange and "never felt before" feeling was creeping in that made me feel low for the very first time. And then, i thought of some words of encouragement and motivation that i have almost memorised now. I feel good for those who have got placed and i am eagerly waiting to get placed like them. I am eagerly waiting to replace this black and white pic(above) with a bright and colourful one. Here are a few words... might sound a bit poetic.....
I am not jealous of birds,
I just wish i could fly like them,
I am not jealous of stars,
I just wish i could shine like them,
I am not jealous of waves,
I just wish i could rise like them,
I am not jealous of flowers,
I just wish i could bloom like them,
I am not jealous of mountains,
I just wish to touch the sky like them,
and similarly...
I am not jealous of all those who have got placed,
I just wish to get placed like them...


  1. dun wry..u will get placed pretty soon..!..Placement season has just started right??..and yes..perfection comes only after the delay...long delay!! more it will be the wait..more perfect it will be!:)..

  2. yeah...hopefully...i really need those encouraging words...thnx..:))

  3. Nice Poem.I belive that When we try something to achieve by whole heartedly we get those things. Best of luck.