It always feels good when you meet people after a long time. Talking about old days, nostalgia, memories, everything feels so good. And so, here i am, reuniting with my dear blog!!! It feels really good to write after so many days...

Surprisingly our placement session began well in time. So many companies are coming one after another as if the corporate world is dying to recruit engineers from DCE! I didn't know we people were that good! With the placement session, the race of getting placed in the best among the bests has started. Although it's just the beginning and i am yet to clear a written, i feel as if i am running in a blind race. I don't know where is the right direction but still i am running, like a lot of people around me. And so, "something" decided to stop me, to think, to keep mind at peace. There is a "problem" with optimistic people like me: they somehow manage to see something good in something bad. It's a problem because not many people agree with you. As i am trying to recover from my illness, from somewhere some faith has come that tells me that one day i'll definitely succeed. One day i'll be celebrating my success with my friends and family. Maybe my patience and perseverance will be put to test, but i am all set!! Also i am eagerly waiting to write about "My First Interview". Hope I get to write about it soon.. :) So, here i end..on a postive note...

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  1. All the best for your placement interviews & test..

    I have gone through this experience..So can very well relate to it:)