These days, news channels and newspapers are flooded with news on the upcoming commonwealth games. Seems like suddenly everyone starting from the organizing committee, ministers to the media have woken up from a 7-year long slumber. So... Common Wealth Games... sounds good. The COMMON man could have never got such a wonderful opportunity to make his contribution to an international event of this stature. Inflation, broken roads, heaps of mud everywhere, almost the entire city dug up and the icing on the cake... the fear of floods!! I don't think common man would have ever suffered so much because of this kind of an international event. And yes, the WEALTH, which comes from the common man again, has been wasted like anything, further adding to the sufferings of common man. Nonetheless, our ministers unpeturbed by all the happenings say "All izz well"..!! Phew!! One day a bridge falls. Next day a ceiling falls. Later a road breaks. And there is definitely more in store!! Delhi never looked so ugly!! And, we have songs being played saying "Dilli meri jaan, Dilli meri shaan".... what a joke!! I would prefer singing "Dilli meri bejaan" these days..!!
For me, the best part of these Commonwealth Games is a 17-Day break from the college for "chillaxing". So these games must take place now!! I don't even wish to go anywhere in the vicinity of the CWG venues. With something wrong happening each day, the fate of these games seems to be doomed to me. Same goes for our honourable CM. Letc see how these common wealth games culminate!! On a positive note, lets just hope our leaders manage to salvage the name and pride of our country by conducting CWG smoothly...

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