When allies became foes..!!

We had had enough of this DCE-DTU protest in the last semester. The repercussions were not so good. Extended session, too many assignments all of a sudden, delayed summer training and what not!!! But, what we saw yesterday was completely unexpected. People who were among Pabbu's "loyal allies" (among the faculty members) during the protest, turned against him all of a sudden!! Some of them are well known names in the college. They all came out with the slogan "VC down down". Honestly speaking, i found it quite funny and entertaining rather than something serious. The apparent reason seemed to be "pabbu not keeping his promises" that he might have made during the protest in order to get their support. How can these people expect the students to support them now!! Just because of their personal differences and vested interests, they think they can play with the careers of hundreds of students. If they genuinely care for the benefit of the students and the college, why didn't they support the students when the protest was at its peak??? Who can forget the shameful lathi charge and the ugly brawl that took place at that time??? The answers are very obvious. These people are least concerned about us. You never know that the same people might favour pabbu all of a sudden once again!! For the time being, let's just wait and watch..;);)

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