Why do have an attitude problem dude???

Dhirubhai Ambani, Laxmi Mittal, M.S. Oberoi, Shahrukh Khan... All these people have something in common.... These people were "nobodies" at some point of time in their lives. By virtue of their hard work, intelligence, dedication and some luck, they became super successful in their respective fields. Joining the league of multi-millionares across the world, they have set examples for others as well. If these people show attitude, it can be understood. After all they reached the heights of success completely on their own. Ironically, such people are not only successful but humble and down-to-earth as well. But what if shahrukh khan's son or laxmi mittal's daughter show attitude?? They are rich just because they were born in with a silver spoon in their mouth. Does it give them a licence to be arrogant and look down upon people who are financially not at par with them?? Do they have any contribution in achieving their so called "status"?? I don't think so. Then what's that attitude and arrogance for??
Guys, please don't start disliking srk's son or laxmi mittal's daughter!! These were just examples.
All i mean to say is i don't approve of people who feel proud and arrogant about something that they have not earned(here i am talking about both material and immaterial things). They should be thankful to God who has been gracious to them. They should be thankful to God for they are not among those who struggle and work hard day and night to make their dreams come true. They should be thankful to God for he has been kind enough to grant them an easy life. But no, they are exact opposites. I "heartily" feel sorry for such people....

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