Go Delhi Go!!!

Well, after my last post, i didn't know i would be writing this soon!! I take my words back!! Beautiful, colourful, dazzling, scintillating, exciting... I am short of words to describe the opening ceremony of CWG!! After so much of criticism, this kind of a show was least expected!! Surpassing everybody's expectations, delhi put up such a wonderful show!! I confess for the very first time i wished i were a part these celebrations. After so much of negativity surrounding CWG, i first time felt proud to be a part of the city hosting such an event. The video clippings were so amazing, i am sure the ones who got an opportunity to see it live must have seen a dream with open eyes!! CWG must rock now!! Go Delhi!!

Meanwhile, i am just back from my jaipur trip. I got a chance to see both the old and the new Jaipur. The magificently built forts and palaces with their fascinating history, traditional handicrafts, colourful dresses and jewellery, delicious daal baati churma and gatte ki sabzi on one hand, whereas big malls and multiplexes like the ones in Delhi and Gurgaon on the other!! The pink city is truly amazing. The people are simple, warm and cordial. The life is calm and peaceful. Had a great time!! :-)

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