The Perfect Engineers!!

Around 24 hours back I was struggling with the vast syllabus of our end semester examinations. Today, i am here on blogger, quite happy and relieved. Today an official notice was out stating our exams that were scheduled to start from 18th nov have been postponed to 23rd nov!!! What a relief!! Some more days to struggle with the syllabus!! Well, in all these years of my B.E., i have realised that engineers make the best possible use of their abilities. Inspite of having considerable amount of time for preparations, they consciously put themselves in a situation where they have to spend a sleepless night one day before the exam. And the best part is, they somehow manage to come up with good results!! After studying almost nothing for the entire semester, they somehow manage to perform decently by studying for few days just before exams!! That's what i call the optimum use of skills, abilities and time management. Since now, we have some more days to "prepare" for our exams, what amount of time actually goes into preparations is... well... it can be understood ;)!! Ultimately, any amount of time turns out to be "insufficient" and what we get to see is the last day, last minute and even last second preparations going on!! The perfect engineers!! That's what we are.. ;);) As the final year of engineering progresses at such a fast pace, lets enjoy the last few moments of these end moment preparations....


  1. I remember completing my syllabus in one night and passing the exams ...;D

    Best of Luck for your exams...score well

  2. That's the thing that distinguishes engineering exams from other human being exams .Being an engineer takes 4 years of our lives which are further marred by assignments, labs, Mid-terms, attendance worries etc...and after 4 years of burning n polishing, a gem is born called Engineer. Proud to be an engineer!!

    All da best for ur exams...!! God bless

  3. those xtra days also went into writing posts..:P