A nice christmas weekend..:)

I recently visited Agra during the christmas weekend. It felt really nice to meet my mausi, mausaji, and my pretty cousin who had returned from Australia after completing her hotel management course in November this year. Usually when we go to Agra, exploring the city is the last thing on our minds as we prefer to spend time with mausi, mausaji and my cousins. However, this time we decided to visit some historical monuments in the city as well. I must say it was great fun. We went to Itmad-ud-daula, a lesser known monument with highly superior stone inlay work. The sad part is that the monument has not been maintained the way it should have been. The same day we went to Agra fort. It's huge and vast. Most of the part has been occupied by the army. The fascinating stories and the mysteries of the place left me intrigued. Being in the fort, i could recall the scenes of Jodha Akbar and i wondered whether something similar actually existed and happened there!! I could easily make out the similarities between the Agra fort and the sets of Jodha Akbar and it was quite fascinating to think as well as believe that some of our country's greatest emperors resided in that place at some point of time. Because of shortage of time, we couldn't spent much time there but i would love to visit that place again!! We also visited Taj Mahal and its serenity and beauty mesmerised me all over again. Again because I have been to Taj Mahal earlier as well, but there is something so magical about it that its very aura leaves me spell bound each time. Its the pride of our country. I wish government adopts more serious measures to preserve it for eternity. On the whole, it was a lovely weekend with some nice family bonding moments and historical feel!!


This is for a friend who recently lost her father in a fatal road accident and is battling for her life. Well, it's really difficult to believe that a person you have known and seen so closely is facing such tough times. It's hard to imagine what her mother must be going through at the moment. May god give her and the family members the strength and the courage to face the harsh times. My condolences are with them. Howsoever technological advancements we may make, when it comes to the matters of life and death, we are bound to bow before the Almighty. I pray to God that he may instill life again in my friend who is struggling for survival....

The Best Birthday Celebrations!!!

Finally, I celebrated the best and sadly the last birthday of my college life with some of my best friends on 18th Dec,2010. Well, for the very first time i celebrated my birthday in winters, thanks to our placement session and exams that it took quite a while to have a birthday feel!! Firstly i would like to thank my friends Neha, Namrata, Vandana, Sunny, Upma, Mohit and last but not the least Rahul(who i guess would be feeling the same!!) for being a part of the day and the moments. A big thanks to you all from the bottom of my heart for being there and also for getting some really really beautiful presents. For me, what was much more important than the presents was your love and happiness filled in those presents. I'll always treasure them. And yes, you people also asked me and the second host for the day, rahul to give a little speech. Well guys, let me tell you all i am not so good with words when it comes to expressing thoughts all of a sudden as I am not a very expressive person!! Hence, it wasn't so easy!! All i can say is i have shared some of the best moments of my college life with you people and i hope we get to share more such moments in future. I don't know what the destiny has in store for all of us and how strongly we'll remain connected once the college gets over. I just hope to stay in touch with you people for life... P.S. Writing for much easier than speaking!!
This is all i had to say. As far as "speech" by Mr. Rahul Agarwal is concerned, I'll definitely post it once he mails it to me!

Happy Birthday to my lovely Grandmother...

It has been around two years since i lost my grandmother. Still, i can feel her presence all around me. It's her birthday and i am sure my wishes would have reached her. There are a lot of things that i miss about her. Whenever i do something good, i feel as if she has sent her blessings from somewhere. I miss the way she used to narrate some of her best and worst experiences of life. I miss the way she used to pamper me and my brother all the time. I miss the bulky and delicious aaloo paranthas that she used to make. I miss her morning hugs and kisses. I miss all the words of her blessings that help me move ahead even today. I must admit that my grandmother's death definitely made me grow as a person. We do not understand the importance of people around us till we are left bereaved. By the time we realise their importance, it's too late. I do feel good about the fact that my grandmother was really happy with me when she left but somewhere i also feel that i should have been more expressive towards her. Death is something that's inevitable and with time, we have learnt to live without her physical presence, but she'll be there in our hearts forever. Happy Birthday once again.. miss you a lot...

Living in the moment...

Yesterday is past.. tomorrow we haven't seen.. today is what we have... that's why it's called PRESENT... What a beautiful thought!! We spend a lot of time thinking about our past and worrying about our future. However, we don't realise that in the struggle between the past and the future, we are losing out what we have... our PRESENT... On that note, i would like to share a few words....
For the people you love, express it now,

Treasure the moments you have some,

Life's too short to wait my friend,

Who knows, tomorrow may never come...

If you've hurt a friend, apologise now,

Apologies shall lessen respect never,

Life's too short to hold these grudges,

An apology may blend the hearts forever...

If a hand wants to hold your hand,

Hold it like a beautiful prayer,

For it's not so easy to find one,

Tomorrow the hand may not be there...

If you have a wish, fulfill now,

You may not get the chance again,

Tomorrow you may get the chance somehow,

But the wish you had may not remain...

Yesterday is past, future unseen,

Today is what we have for sure,

Then why to lament over past and future,

Why not treasure the Present some more....

Looking back....

The exams are nearly over, winters are back, festive season is getting closer n "i'm luvin it"!! It's going to be a long winter break this time as we won't have much to do in the last sem apart from running here and there for our major project. Well, i think we seriously needed one. After such an eventful year, break to banta hai boss!!! As the year draws to an end, let me recall some unforgettable moments of 2010. The year began with an exciting win in UROOJ-2010, the annual fest of Amity University where i won 1rst prize in duet-instrumental along with Gangeyyo sir, my senior. A delightful moment!!! Winning felt amazing!! After that we had our annual cultural fest and i must admit it was much better than the last year. While we had a great time during the fest, who knew about the storm that was approaching - The DCE-DTU protest. I am sure this protest would be remembered by the students, teachers and the administrators for some good and some bad reasons. Soon began our placement session as well as the struggle to get placed in the best among the bests. And yes, i got my first job!! That would be the most memorable moment for me. I was equally excited when some of my best friends got placed and i wish them a wonderful life and a bright future ahead. There were also some beautiful moments of family bonding and meeting with some beautiful people after a long time. Undoubtedly 2010 has been a rocking year!! I hope it ends with a bang!! And... whenever we think it's the end, it's actually the time to start all over again! As 2010 draws to an end, 2011 awaits with some exciting events and some new experiences of life...so...the countdown is about to begin...Get set!!!