The Best Birthday Celebrations!!!

Finally, I celebrated the best and sadly the last birthday of my college life with some of my best friends on 18th Dec,2010. Well, for the very first time i celebrated my birthday in winters, thanks to our placement session and exams that it took quite a while to have a birthday feel!! Firstly i would like to thank my friends Neha, Namrata, Vandana, Sunny, Upma, Mohit and last but not the least Rahul(who i guess would be feeling the same!!) for being a part of the day and the moments. A big thanks to you all from the bottom of my heart for being there and also for getting some really really beautiful presents. For me, what was much more important than the presents was your love and happiness filled in those presents. I'll always treasure them. And yes, you people also asked me and the second host for the day, rahul to give a little speech. Well guys, let me tell you all i am not so good with words when it comes to expressing thoughts all of a sudden as I am not a very expressive person!! Hence, it wasn't so easy!! All i can say is i have shared some of the best moments of my college life with you people and i hope we get to share more such moments in future. I don't know what the destiny has in store for all of us and how strongly we'll remain connected once the college gets over. I just hope to stay in touch with you people for life... P.S. Writing for much easier than speaking!!
This is all i had to say. As far as "speech" by Mr. Rahul Agarwal is concerned, I'll definitely post it once he mails it to me!