A nice christmas weekend..:)

I recently visited Agra during the christmas weekend. It felt really nice to meet my mausi, mausaji, and my pretty cousin who had returned from Australia after completing her hotel management course in November this year. Usually when we go to Agra, exploring the city is the last thing on our minds as we prefer to spend time with mausi, mausaji and my cousins. However, this time we decided to visit some historical monuments in the city as well. I must say it was great fun. We went to Itmad-ud-daula, a lesser known monument with highly superior stone inlay work. The sad part is that the monument has not been maintained the way it should have been. The same day we went to Agra fort. It's huge and vast. Most of the part has been occupied by the army. The fascinating stories and the mysteries of the place left me intrigued. Being in the fort, i could recall the scenes of Jodha Akbar and i wondered whether something similar actually existed and happened there!! I could easily make out the similarities between the Agra fort and the sets of Jodha Akbar and it was quite fascinating to think as well as believe that some of our country's greatest emperors resided in that place at some point of time. Because of shortage of time, we couldn't spent much time there but i would love to visit that place again!! We also visited Taj Mahal and its serenity and beauty mesmerised me all over again. Again because I have been to Taj Mahal earlier as well, but there is something so magical about it that its very aura leaves me spell bound each time. Its the pride of our country. I wish government adopts more serious measures to preserve it for eternity. On the whole, it was a lovely weekend with some nice family bonding moments and historical feel!!

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