A tribute....

I know I should be writing things like Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, etc. But I am sad. Two days back I lost my Tayiji(Aunt). She wasn't suffering from any ailment. She was absolutely fit and healthy. 25th Dec was a usual day for her. In the morning she left from home for a regular morning walk. Then, no one knew she was leaving forever. Just few steps from her house, she was hit by a rashly driven car. It was a typical "Delhilike" hit and run case. She suffered severe head injuries, unconsciously fought for a few days, but finally gave up. It's still so difficult to believe she is no more. May her soul rest in peace. I would like to share a few words....

Sometimes we do not realize,
how less time is left,
the mind somewhere knows,
but the heart refuses to accept,
the people we closely know,
the people we deeply adore,
were not supposed to be forever,
they leave us alone on the shore,
and flow away with the strong waves,
in the sea that is unbound,
we still wait on the shore,
for the sea to turn around,
the sea comes back running,
with a loud and eerie roar,
only to erase the footprints,
they had left while walking on the shore...

Delhi Winters.. :)

Few days back, some of my colleagues were talking about how girls go insanely mad over some of our bollywood actors. One of them said, "Ranbir Kapoor zara saa ro kya de, ladkiyan bolti hain "O My God!! How cute!!", arey bhai ab ismein cute ki kya baat hai!!". Immediately another one said "O My God nahi they say OMG"!! My sarcastic smile somehow escaped their eyes and i thought why do men dislike men "girls lose their hearts to"??? :D :P

Anyways, winters are back!! I am sure most of the Delhiites love and are proud of Delhi winters. Here are some of my unusual(or maybe usual) reasons for loving winters...

We can take sick leaves without sounding ungenuine.. ;) Now that doesn't mean sick leaves are always taken for ungenuine reasons. During winters, falling ill is quite real and obvious. Simple illnesses like cold, cough and fever are good enough to get you some approvable sick leaves. I hope my Manager never reads this!! :D

Some hopelessly coward people(like me :D) can roam around their houses fearlessly because there are no lizards!! Honestly speaking, when it comes to lizards, i might be the most coward person on the earth. The lizards in my house love wandering on the floor rather than the walls, which further scares me. My cowardly behaviour draws a lot of criticism from my dad. However, i can't really help it!!

Even if you put on some weight, the extra flab gets hidden beneath pullovers, blazers and jackets. That doesn't mean weight gain is encouraged during winters :D

Less of sun, less of sunshine and hence, less of skin tan. Although people long for sunshine during winters, i don't really mind if the sun plays hide and seek.. :)

For all the ice-cream lovers(like me again :)), it's a great time to enjoy ice-creams! During summers, ice-cream melts even before we start eating it. There is no such problem during winters. Although having too much of it can leave you with a running nose and sore throat, ice-cream lovers can still manage somehow.. :)

It's a nice time to explore new places other than the usual "Air-Conditioned" malls.

So, these were some of my reasons for loving winters. Hope you all had a great 2011. Don't forget to enjoy the last few days of this eventful year. Happy Winters to all the Delhiites!!

Birthday Wishes.. :)


It's my dear grandmother's birthday. Another year has passed without her and life goes on. But we all miss her. I never got a chance to thank my grandmother for a gift she had given me. The gift that's my priced possession. The gift that will be with me all my life and even after.. my name.. And that's why, i love my name even more... :) On this day, wherever she is, I just want to tell her that:

Moments may pass without your presence,
But moments won't pass without your essence,
I can see you smiling in the sky,
I hope you can see me too,
You little grand-daughter is a big girl now,
She always loves and misses you....
Happy B'day!!!

Practical Exams@DCE

Even before starting, i can say this one's is going to be a bit longer. Our practical exams used to be so happening that i can think of numerous funny incidents at the moment.

Electronics and Communication had total 120 students, divided in two batches of 60 each. Let me call the two batches ECE1 and ECE2. Alphabetically, i was in ECE2. For the practical exams, two days were assigned for each subject, one day for ECE1 and usually the next day for ECE2. Each day was divided into three slots: 8:30-11:30, 11:30-2:30, 2:30-5:30 and the 60 students were further divided into three batches of 20 each. I used to be in 8:30-11:30 slot of the second day of the practical exam. Our preparations always relied heavily on the experiences of ECE1 people who kept us updated all the time. Being in the earliest of the three slots had its own pros and cons. Our examiners were too tardy to reach college by 8:30 and usually they would instruct the lab attendants to assign us the practicals so that we could start filling our sheets. In the absence of the examiners, completing the written part or even performing the experiment was not burdensome. The lab attendants were also quite cooperative and had no problems with our discussions as long as they were not noisy. The one and only difficult part was VIVA. Our examiners used to take viva in groups of four-five students. Here are some "excerpts" from our vivas....

Electronics workshop viva:
The examiner points to a switch placed at the bottom of the wall and asks me "What kind of current does that switch support??" Engineers follow a funny but a very useful rule during their exams/vivas. It states: when you do not know about the tree, tie a goat to it and explain about the goat. I try to use this principle. "Sir, one of the terminals of this switch is for earthing....", he immediately interrupts me, "I am asking about the current. What kind of current??". After thinking for two-three seconds i say "Sir three-phase current". He smiles sarcastically and i feel like asking him "Why the hell do you ask such questions that you know i won't know!!"

Digital Circuits and systems viva:
Three of us come and sit before the examiner. He gives us a sheet each and says, "Design a full-adder using a multiplexer with active-low outputs". I feel happy as i know it. The guy sitting in the middle seems to be confused. Although he knows that the people sitting adjacent to him know the correct answer and just by moving his head 45 degrees to the left or right even he could know it. I and the third guy do not even try to hide our answer sheets. But look at his plight. The examiner is right in front of him and hence he cannot even try to avail this opportunity!!

Linear Integrated Circuits viva:
Again the examiner calls us in a group of three. He asks the first person, "What are the ideal characteristics of an Opamp??" "Shit i know it", I tell myself. He tells the second person, "Draw the circuit diagram of a schmitt trigger and explain the working". I know this one as well. Finally he asks me, "What are the different stages of an Opamp, draw the circuit diagram and explain". I am clueless. I remember some people were cramming it before the practical, but i didn't pay much attention. I try to frame my answer using some terms that i vaguely remember. On hearing my answer, the examiner says, "lagta hai aapne zyaada classes attend nahi ki". Alas!! I wish i hadn't attended his hopeless classes. The outcome would have remained unchanged!!

Microwaves viva:
Four of us sit before the examiner. He asks a bouncer question related to transmission lines and characteristic impedance to everyone. All of us look at each other and see blank faces. It is somehow comforting to see so many blank faces. All of us pretend to think hard as if we were almost there on that particular page(in the book) but just missed out those lines!! Suddenly someone gives a distantly relevant answer(using the tree and goat rule.. :D). Immediately, all of us start speaking about some distantly relevant terms to make the examiner feel we do know a few things if not everything!! :D

These were just some of the many such vivas. It didn't take us much time to get used to the humiliation. The moment we would move out of the lab, our friends and classmates from the next batch would literally mob us to know how bad the viva was and we would narrate the same story over and over again!! I had written a poem after one such viva...

The plight of every engineering student,
duffer, intelligent, ignorant or prudent,
the real cause of anxiety and fear,
the VIVA is overtly hard to bear,
Anticipating a volley of questions unknown,
trying to recollect the knowledge to be shown,
we pray to get a decent grade,
alas! the knowledge seems to fade,
As the duration of viva lengthens,
the nervousness of others strengthens,
some try to chill and ignore,
while some try to cram some more,
only to find themselves dejected,
as usually the viva is unexpected,
we try to forget the professors' taunts,
but the haunted vivas continue to haunt.....
So friends, the only way to face the hell,
is seeti bajake bol bhaiyya

The Burger Story... :)

Super Mama Ready... :D

Well, how can i "not mention" Kolaveri Di!! I can't get this tune out of my head. I had heard of this song on some news channel that talked about how this song has become too big on youtube. I wondered what was so remarkable about Kolaveri Di. When i heard this song for the first time, i thought it was ok. The lyrics were not so meaningful but the tune was catchy. The more i heard it, the more i liked it. Slowly and gradually, like a sweet poison, this tune got so badly stuck in my head that now it refuses to get out!! I have already amused as well as annoyed two of my cousins by humming it repeatedly.. :D

Tune change... :)

Many years back, two little girls(sisters) went to watch a movie with their family and cousins. During the interval, their father brought them a burger each. They both had seen a burger for the first time and they wondered how they were supposed to eat it. They were too shy to ask others and took sometime to think. Finally they decided to eat all the components of the burger separately. First they ate buns, then tikki and lastly whatever raw vegetables(onion, tomato, cabbage etc) it had. Needless to say they felt burger was a hopeless and a tasteless snack. Next time when they went to watch a movie, again their father brought them a burger each. Again the same thoughts crossed their minds. However, this time they decided to eat all the components together i.e. the way burger is actually eaten. This time they loved it and after that day they wanted to have it every now and then.

Sometimes, different and simple flavours that do not have much of an individuality come together to form a savoury dish. Similarly different people with different mindsets can together make a great team. I hope comparing a burger with people is not so philosophical, is it???? :D

BTW those girls were my mom and my aunt(mom's sis). I don't remember exactly when i had a burger for the first time. I am sure mom must have guided me well.. :)

P.S. Why this kolaver kolaveri kolaveri di.. ;) ;)

Memories of childhood.....


Somewhere, each one of us has a child within us. But we deliberately keep it hidden from the world, as we are no more children.... remembering those beautiful days....

How beautiful were those childhood days,

when the child within us had its own ways,

the world was like a big playground,

and we just had to play around,

the heart didn't know of hatred, malice,

and the fear of breaking a rule or promise,

smiles were as real as life and death,

words were as true as each breath,

every new person was a new friend,

the mind was too innocent to comprehend,

those beautiful days were never forever,

once bygone, would come back never,

Now that we are grown up adults,

let's just rediscover the child within us.....


Few thoughts before starting:

Yesterday i read an interesting status message on facebook. It said:
"Two most talked about topics these days are Sachin's 100th century and Aishwariya's baby, but none of them are delivering!!" I couldn't stop laughing after reading this. India is going mad over an unborn child just because he'll be born with a "Bachchan" surname. Isn't it so ridiculously funny. Just think about that little soul who hasn't even entered the world. For him circus is already on and that too at full pace. So much of unnecessary media speculation about when the child will be born is getting inadmissible now. I wonder what will happen when "finally" the child will be born. Then, people will start talking about his name, his horoscope, his expected career(on the basis of horoscope only!!), whether he'll live upto the Bachchan surname or not, etc. I mean please spare the little kid guys. Let him lead a normal childhood!!

It's november and hence it brings back the memories of end semester exams. I'll write a separate post about end sems later on. An interesting part of our end sems was "Previous semester results". Confused??? Well, admin people had this strange habit of declaring semester results in between the end-semester exams of the next semester!! My friends from other colleges always found this weird. In their colleges, results were usually declared within 15-20 days of their semester's completion. But... DCE was different!! There was never an official mention of a date for declaration of results. I remember during end sems, rumours regarding results would start floating in the air and generally results would be out within few days of beginning of these rumours. Because of the prolonged duration of time between our semester's completion and result-declaration, we would vaguely remember the subjects of that particular semester, forget about how the exams went on!! You people might have seen movies like 3 idiots and wake up sid. Both of these movies had quite apt result declaration scenes. The scene in DCE was no different. The entire result used to be displayed on a notice board and within minutes(maybe i should say seconds!!) the place would get overly crowded. Being girls, me and some of my friends had to rely on our male friends who would somehow make way through the crowd and note down our marks. With our heart beats at peak, we would take a look at our marks, take out our calcs, and calculate the percentage. And then, we would run around to ask each and every "accessible" person about his or her marks. On hearing someone's marks less than ours, we would be elated at our hearts and sympathetic by our faces whereas in the opposite scenario, we would be jealous at hearts and appreciative by our faces!! Toppers were addressed as "ghissus". Sometimes, our marks would deviate too much(most of the times negative deviation and sometimes even positive deviation!!) from expected. At such times we would doubt the checking capabilities of our faculty members. However, our toppers were beyond such deviations. I always wondered how come they managed highest marks each time even when there used to be wide variations in the marks of other students. They were truly champs i must say!! I fondly remember all those hysterical moments....

Breaking news: Aishwariya Rai has given birth to a baby girl in the middle of my post!!! May god shower all his blessings on the little one. Finally, indians can stop thinking about when will Aishwariya deliver and start thinking about other things. Something like do we have another Miss World??? :P

Customer Care

Taking a break from my college stories, i thought of writing about "Customer care". Around one month back, we had bought a Santro from the nearest Hyundai showroom. After completing all the formalities when we were just about to leave, the Hyundai guy who had attended us told me that i would get a call from Hyundai in a few days asking me to rate him out of ten. He requested me to rate him ten on ten as anything less than ten was not considered good by the "higher people". After some days, as he had said, i did get a call from Hyundai asking me to rate him and i rated him ten on ten. And then i thought, had he not requested me, i would have casually said seven, eight or nine as it was hardly a matter of concern for me. However for him, his customers, who are complete strangers to him, play a crucial role in deciding the level of his performance and appraisals.

As customers, sometimes we do not understand the plight of customer care people. When we face a problem in using a product or operating a device, we immediately register a complaint with customer care. When our problems are not timely resolved, we even speak rudely to them. Sometimes it turns out to be a very trivial problem on our end. I realised this when i was assigned some support cases by my manager. While working on support cases,we have to be prompt with our replies to the customer. At times debugging even a small error on customer's end or our end takes too much time. A vast code, and that too written by someone else creates further problems. We cannot argue with our customers. We cannot express our frustration. Moreover, customers give their feedback by rating us and the report goes straight to our manager. We cannot afford to get a bad feedback, and hence lose the customer or even the job. Putting our best efforts, we literally give in to their whims and fancies. That's the plight of customer care people.

Physics Lab@DCE

Before starting, I would like to wish all my readers a very happy festive season!! Also, i am looking forward to a nice get together with some of my close pals. So, it's the time to party and celebrate!! Enjoy!! :)

So, talking about the physics lab, i seriously feel it should be banned!! Why?? Because, it gives such a wrong impression of all other labs in the college. Till date, i haven't understood what was so remarkable about the physics experiments that compelled our physics faculty members to be so ridiculously strict!! Physics practical was a part of our curriculum for first and second semesters. I remember the day when we had entered the physics lab for the first time. It was the first working day of first semester. There was a long list of experiments displayed outside the lab. There were lots of strange, unseen apparatus and using them, we had to perform some hopeless experiments in groups of two. The teachers(mostly M.E. students) who kind of monitored us were equally hopeless. They asked us to maintain an auxiliary notebook to "record" the readings while performing experiments. The readings had to be accurate, irrespective of our actual observations. This was seriously bizarre. Someone should tell them that physics experiments rarely give accurate results!! I remember once we had performed an optics experiment. Using 3-4 sets of readings, we had to plot an "expected" straight line graph. I drew a straight line graph(although our readings were too wild for it.. :D) whereas my partner decided to be a little more realistic and showed some deviation from ideal result. Outcome... I got a "good" whereas his graph was crossed!!! In every class, we used to submit our practical files and only then we could mark our attendance. Therefore, in every class we literally struggled to complete our experiments so that we could submit the files in the next class. The penalty of not submitting the files was too harsh(after all ATTENDANCE is what keeps the classrooms and labs full!! :D). Some M.E. students would even take the "pain" of comparing the readings of our files and auxiliary notebooks!!

In another incident, me and my partner had to perform another hopeless experiment. The problem was all the groups that had performed that experiment before us had written the same readings. None of them could come up with even "near accurate" results and hence the same readings kept getting copied from one group to another. Although we tried our best to write somewhat original readings, but ultimately and unwillingly we wrote the same readings. Outcome... the M.E. student who checked our readings somehow read our innocent faces, made us confess our readings were copied and crossed them "generously". I think these teachers really feel good when they get such a chance as they make such a huge and ugly cross that can never be missed out by someone looking into the notebook!! It must have been a proud moment for her. At that moment i thought she herself was a student and must have come across a similar situation as well. Yet, instead of showing some leniency she was so harsh to two students who couldn't lie as boldly as others!! Net outcome... less marks in the mid-sem practicals.

Later on we came to know that it was only physics lab that had so much of unnecessary stringency. I hardly remember any physics practical experiment as they were all useless. Most of other practical classes were quite chilled out. That's why i had said physics lab gives a very wrong impression of other labs!!

Rithala to DCE in 5 Rupees!!

At the behest of one of my college friends, i have decided to share some of the best and the worst experiences of my college life. As a writer sometimes it becomes difficult to come up with interesting topics. Hence i thought it would be a nice opportunity to write about some unforgettable incidents that i have missed out somehow.

Talking of my college life, i can never forget the metro feeder buses or RTVs that used to(probably still) ply between Rithala metro station and DCE. During the first two years, most of us traveled mainly by RTVs as they were the most convenient(... not really!!) and economical means of conveyance to reach college. Later on, shared autos and gramin sewas became popular. At the moment, i can recall some really funny scenes like:

Scene 1
I get down the metro station stairs to find a stuffed RTV waiting for some more passengers!! I stand outside to wait for a vacant RTV. The conductor comes to me and asks in his typical tone "Madamji kahan jaaoge". "College", i say. "Arey aao madam , bohot jagah hai" , he says this despite the fact that people are literally overflowing(almost hanging :D) from the RTV!! "Bhaiyya sir pe bitha k le jaaoge kya!!", i reply back in an angry tone and continue to wait for the next RTV.

Scene 2
This time i find an RTV with seats full but enough space to stand comfortably. So, i get in and wait for the RTV to move. In the meantime, people keep getting in. Ten minutes later, i am still standing, the RTV hasn't moved, i am surrounded by uncountable people, almost suffocated, there's hardly any space to even move, still the conductor continues to attract more passengers and strangely people keep getting into an already stuffed RTV!! When i get down at my college, i am all messed up. I realize i just took a ride in an overstuffed RTV in 40 degrees temperature!! Phew!!

Scene 3
Now, i find two RTVs standing, a metro feeder and a green coloured DTC. On seeing a flurry of "potential" passengers, both the conductors come forward to get more passengers into their respective RTVs. I am just about to enter the metro feeder when i realize the DTC is more vacant. As i start moving towards the DTC, the metro feeder conductor comes to me and says "Madamji bohot jagah hai, yahan aaiye, aapko seat dilwata hu". On the other hand, the DTCconductor requests, almost pleads to me to get into his RTV!! Completely frustrated by both, i decide to take an auto.

These are some peculiar "RTV attributes". Howsoever crowded it might be, the conductor always sees "ample space" to accommodate more and more and more people!! The drivers have this strange habit of keeping the vehicle in 1rst gear and moving it by inches for nothing less than 15-20 minutes. In this way, they give a false impression to the people outside that the RTV is about to leave whereas those who are already in keep sulking. They usually play a series of unheard songs that belong to either of the two categories. They are either loud and typical punjabi/haryanavi folk songs or hopelessly sad separation/betrayal (judaai and dhokha would sound better.. :D :D) songs. Moreover, there is a lot of hidden talent in the drivers and conductors who keep people entertained with their singing skills!! I very well remember a conductor who had memorized the lyrics of a particular hindi song by heart and sang each and every word to an "irritating perfection"!! In four years, the RTV fare has doubled from 5 to 10. However, the attributes remain unchanged!!

RIP Steve Jobs....

5th October 2011, it was a usual wednesday. In the evening, i opened my facebook account for checking the daily updates and notifications. On my home page, first few status updates were "RIP Steve Jobs". I scrolled down to find the same status update by some more people in my facebook friend list. I scrolled down further to find more quotes and messages on Steve Jobs....
Well, honestly speaking, i have never been a gadget freak. What i knew about Apple was it sells products like laptops, iphones, ipads, ipods, etc like a lot of other companies do. I also knew of Steve Jobs but succinctly. When i saw so many "Steve Jobs" status updates, i was intrigued. I thought there must be something very spectacular about the man whose life and death have been such a tremendous source of inspiration and admiration for millions and millions of people across the globe. Hence, the following day i opened the newspaper and read each and every article on Steve Jobs. There's a saying, "Behind every successful man, there is a woman". I would modify it a bit. Behind every successful man, there is an inspiring story. Today, we all know what a spectacular man Steve Jobs was. His determination to follow his heart, his vision, his innovations, his "think different" motto and his famous Stanford speech will continue to inspire his successors at Apple and many others for whom he was a role model. Hope he passed on his technical acumen as a legacy to his successor. The world will always remember Steve Jobs as a great visionary. May his soul rest in peace.....
P.S. How can i forget to say... "Stay hungry, Stay foolish"!!

And hence... blogging happened....


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My favourite character!!

I know a lot of people who have fallen in love with "Edward Cullen" from Twilight. Interesting part is, the person they admire is not the actor who portrays this character but the character itself. Similarly, i deeply admire this character called Michael Scofield from an american television series "Prison Break". Having completed the last season of prison break recently, i feel completely mesmerized by Michael Scofield. I admire him for his immense intelligence, calm mind, humility and love for his near and dear ones. Those who have watched prison break, would definitely agree with me. Those who haven't, kindly see it. I think it's the best television series i have seen so far. I would like to share a few words.... Michael Scofield as seen by me...

I looked beyond the walls of prison,

to find a beautiful world that exists,

never did my heart wish to know,

the darkness of the prison persists,

the more i loved people around me,

the more i put their lives in danger,

the more i wanted to escape all,

the more i knew every stranger,

whenever i thought it was the end,

life took another wicked turn,

whenever i thought of a peaceful life,

i realized i was on an endless run,

at last, when it all ended,

i hoped for a life sans fear and worries,

but my destiny didn't spare enough moments,

now my soul rests in peace...

Happy Teachers' Day!!

First of all i would like to wish all the teachers a very Happy Teachers' Day. A "Thanks" is too less to acknowledge your efforts and dedication towards your profession. At times, we as students do not understand the importance of teachers and often take them for granted. As we grow up and look back, we realize how inspiring and caring they were... how they always tried to rectify our flaws even if we disliked them... how they motivated us when we lost hope to succeed in life... how they appreciated us when we excelled at something... how they patiently made us learn new things... how selflessly they loved and cared for us... Once again, a very Happy Teachers' Day to all of them!!

Teachers' day reminds of my schooling days. I remember how we used to present flowers and cards to our favourite teachers. We used to have a small cultural programme. After that, senior students dressed up as teachers used to take classes for sometime. It used to be a half day for all the students and I used to be quite curious to know how teachers celebrate their special day when the students leave!!

As a student, i was quite reserved and shy. I never really interacted much with the teachers. I remember how in every PTA meeting my teachers complained about my habit of not speaking enough. As i came to higher classes, i tried to change myself, but certainly not up to my teachers' satisfactory levels. Still, i am happy that my teachers remember me as a good student. I also regret something. As children grow up, they tend to "disremember" their teachers from earlier classes. I won't lie by saying it didn't happen to me. And yes, i do feel guilty about it. As we grew up, we managed to find friends in our teachers. However, as small kids, such a bond was never formed. But.... teachers always forgive the mistakes their students make. I would also like to thank some of my teachers from DCE for being so caring and supportive. I feel so lucky that a got a chance to be their student....

Since, this post has taken me back to my school days, i would like to share a poem that i had written when i was in class XII....

Long long ago i first saw my school,
With tearful eyes and pain,
And now when i look at my school,
My eyes fill with tears again.
The never ending hours of study,
Academic rise or fall,
P.T., music, library and arts,
I dearly miss them all.
Roaming in the ground and corridors,
Joking and chirping with friends,
Playing stupid and idiotic pranks,
Unknowing when the day ends.
With 1:40 bell flying out of the school,
Like birds set free from the cages,
Or running like the prisoners of wars,
Imprisoned in jails for ages.
And now i always pray to god,
That the 1:40 bell may never ring,
If we are the birds to be set free,
Then we may lose each wing.
The thought of seeing the school days end,
Fills my heart with pain,
I wish i could go back to nursery,
I wish i could be a kid again...

Missing those days....

I met a very dear friend of mine after a long time today, and it was so different!!! In our college time, i always found him quite naughty and at times even irritating. I remember in college, we all used to be so hopelessly stingy whenever it came to spending money without a special reason. On the contrary, we would persuade and expect others to treat us for every trivial good thing that would happen to them!! And today, he brought not one, not two but three chocolates for me, all because we were meeting after such a long time. He willingly paid the bills and strangely even i wanted to pay them!! And then, we both laughed over how times have changed. Life is so much like the VISA advertisement where earlier friends fight over "you'll pay the bill" and later on they fight over "i'll pay the bill". It was all so nostalgic. Few days back, i had gone for lunch with two of my friends at work. We saw a group of 10-15 college friends trying to grab each and every dish on their tables and i immediately recalled a similar incident during the last days of college. Thirteen of us had gone out for lunch. Each one of us individually ordered our choice of dishes and none of us could eat much of what we had individually ordered!! Then, we used to crib about not getting enough to eat. And now, i crib about having no one to snatch my lunch. I miss those days so so badly.... The best days of my life.....

My bestest friend... My Bro!!


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A very happy rakshabandhan to you all. Have great celebrations!!

Since it's rakshabandhan, i thought of writing a few words about my brother. He's two years younger than me. However, his looks and physique are bound to mislead you. Our childhood was pretty much the way it is for the "indian siblings". Once upon a time even we used to have destructive physical fights. From pulling each other's hair to slapping, punching and even kicking, we have done it all. Slowly and gradually as he grew heavy and tall, almost beyond my reach, our fights became more verbal and less physical. Now, the scope of physical fights is null.

There is one quality that distinguishes my brother from all other people in my life. He recognizes the slightest disturbance on my face. Sometimes when i do not feel like sharing a problem with anyone and pretend to be normal, the only person i am unable to deceive is him. I don't know how he does that. And everytime he does that, these words follow, "you know how well i know you, so tell me what's wrong".

Well, i call him me bestest friend, because he knows every bit of me. I am like an open book to him. I don't hesitate while sharing my problems with him. Honestly speaking, i can share everything, literally everything in my life with him. And, i feel he understands me well, much more than my parents, much more than my friends. Obviously, we do disagree on certain issues and i do find some of his habits really irritating. However, i truly marvel at the way we have transformed into best friends from quarrelsome siblings. He knows my love for him is beyond words and like a naughty brother that he is, he never misses an opportunity to avail the benefits!! All i would like to tell him is that i treasure the bond that we share. Happy rakshabandhan to you.... Love you.... :)

My first salary!! :)

Before starting, i would like to thank my friends and well-wishers for all the wishes over the past one week(i suffered an injury in my left hand last week). Special thanks to some of my friends at work who have been so caring and supportive... beyond my expectations... thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!

Well, since last one month, a lot of things have happened for the first time. First job, first visiting card, first big project and finally the first SALARY!! It's an awesome feeling!! It gives me a sense of pride as well as responsibility. Now, i can actually feel that i have grown up. The excitement of the first salary has completely overshadowed whatever little dissatisfaction i had. I feel proud to belong to this place. My heartiest congrats to my co-joinees who must be feeling the same. Enjoy guys!!

P.S. I'll write more as soon as i recover from my injury.... Meanwhile, please pray for my speedy recovery!!

When Delhi ruined Delhi Belly!!

Few days back, i had gone to watch Delhi Belly with my brother. It had rained heavily that afternoon, almost for an hour. So cancelling our afternoon plans, we decided to go for the 4:50 evening show. The PVR where we had decided to go is a few kilometres from my place. Usually it takes around 15 minutes(sometimes even less) to reach there. We left around 4 so that we could reach in time and buy the tickets. The route that we usually take was closed. Why??? Because of rain(that too for just an hour) so much water had accumulated there that we could actually see a half drowned car. So, we had to take a different and longer route. Still, i was hopeful that we would make it just in time. However, as time passed our hopes kept fading. We found heavy traffic everywhere and by 4:50, we were still stuck in the middle of traffic, moving at snail's pace. The excitement was all over.

Well, missing a movie show was not of much importance. It was a trivial thing. However, for some people, the situation might not have been as trivial as missing a movie show. Someone could have missed a train, a flight, an opportunity or even life. It really compelled me to think. What kind of a city are we living in?? A city that comes to a halt after an hour's rain?? What kind of people are governing us?? They talk of all kinds of insensible advancements and this is what they have given us. The worst part is, we have chosen these people ourselves and hence we can blame nobody but ourselves. Hence, i appeal to all my Delhiite friends and people reading this, please exercise your voting right. We have to bring a change. We need to bring down this hopeless and ruthless governance. It won't happen by ignorance. As it is said, each drop makes an ocean. So make your vote count!!

P.S. That day we were too determined to watch Delhi Belly. So, we waited till 7 PM i.e. the next show time and watched it!! :)


It has been one week since i joined nsys. It has been a good experience so far. On the first day, we were nicely welcomed. We were made to sit in the conference room with our name plates before our seats. All of us were given laptop bags with some useful stationary. People from engineering and HR departments gave us an account of the company and its policies. The training began from the first day itself. I met new joinees like me and they were quite nice to speak to. I mean seriously, initially i was a bit hesitant to talk to them. As some of them were from the same college and knew each other well, i was doubtful about whether they would like to include me in their friends' circle. But now, after one week, we all have mingled well!

So, i am a part of the corporate world now. At times, our managers remind us that we are no more college students. Slowly and gradually, even we are getting used to this new life. But yes, i do miss my college life. One particular day we had this long verilog session and i seriously wished i could bunk!! But it's not a college life anymore. The lectures here remind me of our college lectures that we used to attend with open eyes and closed minds, the difference being now we do not have the option of keeping our minds closed. The lunch time reminds me of our college canteen and how we used to fight over and grab the tiffin having delicious food. My every new shirt reminds me of how we used to leave new pinch marks on arms of the person wearing something new. But as our managers say, it's not a college life anymore. It's a CORPORATE WORLD, a tough life!!

MEN and MEN-tality

Before starting, i would like to congratulate my dear friend Suhani Gupta for her newly released book "My Golden Wings". It's a collection of 109 poems written by her. I haven't read it so far, but will do that soon. I am sure it'll be a great read. If you appreciate poetry and happen to come across this book, then kindly read it. You'll definitely love it!! My best wishes for her.........


Yesterday i had to go to my uncle's place(my dad's first cousin) for lunch. His house is in Dilshaad Garden and we were going there after a long time. When we were about to reach there, my grandfather suggested a path different from the one dad was taking. Dad agreed to what he said and took that path. We had just covered a small distance when they both realized that it was the wrong path. My grandfather said that even if continue with that route, we would reach the destination by taking an extra turn. Dad knew that there was no surety, yet he decided to move on. My brother insisted on going back and taking the path that we knew. Ultimately, we moved on, reached a dead end, turned around and took the path that we already knew. Meanwhile, my dad, brother and grandfather played the blame game whereas me and mom were the mute spectators.

At home, we often discuss about what should be my next step after engineering. Among my relatives, there are some people who keep suggesting different things every time i meet them and fill my brain with endless confusions. MBA, Mtech, MS, Phd, IAS.... they say everything apart from what i have thought for myself. One thing that i have noticed is, it's always men who do so. Women in my family tell me to do whatever i feel like.

Two of my college friends, male again, also fit in the picture. Whenever we go out for a meal, it's usually the two of them who select or reject the place. When we go to a particular eating joint, in no time they present their expert views about the food and interestingly they are always different. Me and another friend of mine(girl) never really mind which place we go to and what food we eat.

Well, each and every man thinks of himself as the most intelligent person on this earth(Does anyone disagree????). I have often observed that men convert a casual discussion into a heated argument when others disagree with them. Since every man is the "most intelligent" person on this earth, others' disagreements do not go very well with them. The problem with men is that they do not believe in keeping their intelligence to themselves but very generously sharing and passing it on to others. Surprisingly, women seem to be ok with most of the things. No confusions, no disagreements, no arguments. But MEN..................

A fruitful end.....

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Shruti Aggarwal for making it to STM, one of the best companies for the ECE people. She is one of the most hard working people of my batch. Since the beginning of our placement session, she had been trying to prove her technical acumen to a lot of big and small companies that had come for campus recruitments. The whole year went by without any results. But now, she has finally done it, and i feel so excited!!! Finally her hard work paid off. I just wish it had happened a bit earlier so that she wouldn't have missed out the fun in the last days of college. Nonetheless, all's well that ends well!! All my best wishes for her new beginning!!


Few days back i had this small conversation with one of my friends about our new lives that's going to start in a few days. It's going to be a new beginning without old friends. It feels really nostalgic when we meet or speak to our college friends and remember the good old times. Every time we think of spending some more time together. However, sooner or later we have to get separated to lead separate lives. No amount of togetherness can change this fact. In my new life i'll definitely miss my old friends, but as it is said, life must go on. This new life will bring some new people who'll become our companions in our new lives. We can just hope and make our efforts to keep in touch with those who have become an integral part of our lives. Sometimes changes are for the better, distances bring more closeness and goodbyes become promises to meet again.....

All set for a new beginning!!

First of all i would like to congratulate my very dear Charu Di or CD as i call her for it's going to be a new beginning for her as well.... the beginning of "Motherhood".... My best wishes to her.... I feel so happy for you CD... :) :)

Some wise person has said that "whenever we think it's the end, it's actually the time to start all over again". College is over, and a new life awaits. I can feel the nervousness and excitement, both at the same time. Nervousness because it's going to be a new place, new people, new atmosphere, something like what happened four years back, when i became a DCEite. Excitement because i'll be stepping into the corporate world which has its own ups and downs. Some of my friends have already done that with sweet and sour experiences while some are still waiting like me. Within another one month or two, all of us will be in different places, leading different lives and it seems like it's all happening at full tilt. One month back we were all studying for our end semester exams, and one month later things will be much different from now. It's going to be a new beginning for all of us, as one of my friends once rightly said, "college khatam hua hai par zindagi ab shuru honi hai"......

Last days at DCE....

Continuing further.....

29th May, 2011
It was our official farewell, i.e. the farewell organised by the faculty members of our department and that too the first ever!! It was truly a proud moment for all the ECEites as such a farewell was organised for us only by our department. That day, i don't know how and why, but all the faculty members(some of them i had never even liked) seemed to be out of this world. I somehow felt proud of being their student. There was this unknown attachment that made the process of detachment difficult. I missed the lectures that i had attended, some with open eyes and mind while some with just open eyes. Some of our teachers gave nice and encouraging speeches and they didn't even seem to be long and boring. There was a group photoshoot followed by snacks and drinks. Another memorable day added to our memories....

1rst June, 2011
It was our winter training viva but most importantly it was our last official day in the college. Nostalgia was all around. We were supposed to submit the no dues form and surrender all our cards(college id card, library card, OMV card). After completing all the formalities, we were ex-DCEites. We clicked pictures and hugged each other before final goodbyes, an emotional moment. I had felt something similar when the school had ended....

The journey of being an engineer and a DCEite has been the most memorable experience of my life. I would like to thank some of my bestest friends from DCE, Upma Meena, Vandana Sapra, Shruti Aggarwal, Mohit Kharbanda, Rahul Agarwal, Neha Chaturvedi, Namrata Patil , Anchal Jain, Aanchal Goyal and Sunny Aggarwal for making this journey so beautiful. Few years down the line when i'll flip through the pages of my life, DCE will be one of the best and the most memorable chapters. Right now, i might not be a very good engineer, but i am definitely a much better person. I might not have many achievements to boast about, but i have made some life long friends which is indeed an achievement for me. I might not be a part of DCE anymore, but DCE will always be a part of me. At this moment, i can recall a few lines from a beautiful song by Westlife,
We had joy we had fun,
We had seasons in the sun,
But the wine and the song,
Like the seasons have all gone....
I'll always miss my college life, my friends and my DCE.....
P.S. A short message for my college friends:
Yaar plzz kabhi kabhi comments bhi post kar diya karo jisse mujhe pata chale ki tum log mera blog padhte ho!!! :D :)

Last days at DCE....

Continuing further.........

1rst May, 2011
I don't know about other colleges, but in our college, every year a separate farewell "only for girls" is organised by the junior girls and the hostel staff and conducted in the girls' hostel. Honestly speaking, it was the night of a lifetime. I actually regretted not being a hosteler. In the first phase of the hostel nite, all of us dressed up in sarees for the ramp walk. There were nice dance performances by juniors. Hostelers were given appropriate tags and farewell gifts. In the second phase, we were supposed to dress up according to the theme "Honeymoon". Well, i won't reveal much about the outfits that we wore, but it was so much fun!!! There was every element of fun and entertainment(some can't even be disclosed!!). Seriously, girls can have such a blast together!! We danced throughout the night. It ended with lots of fun, music, dance, laughter, hugs and tears.....

4th May, 2011
The day to scribble memories... Dress code: White shirt/Tshirt/kurta
We were ready to get all kinds of sensible and non-sense stuff written on our shirts/Tshirts. Another fun-filled day I would say. Someone even secretly wrote "first crush" on my Tshirt without mentioning the name!! On the whole, it was all so exciting. Later on we also went out in a group of 13 to enjoy and celebrate our last days together....

To be Continued......

Last days at DCE....

The last one month has been quite eventful, or quite sweet and sour i would say. There was farewell, hostel nite, scribble day, a nice get together with some of my batchmates, major project hassles, final year practicals, exams, farewell by Deptt and finally the last formalities that finally detached us from our DCE. And yes, how can i forget to mention the very unique and interesting "moustache and bindi day" that marked the beginning of all the excitement!! This is how it all began.....

18th April, 2011
We(only the ECE students) were supposed to celebrate "Moustache and Bindi Day", a very different and interesting idea by one of my classmates. All the boys were supposed to grow a moustache while the girls were supposed to wear bindis. For the girls, it wasn't much of a problem. We could easily carry the bindis in our bags and wear/remove them at appropriate times. However, for boys, it was a different case. They couldn't wear/remove their moustache(until and unless it was a fake one) but had to kind of live with it for the day. I was quite doubtful about seeing the guys' participation as apart from 3-4 people, none of them had ever grown a proper moustache. Surprisingly, most of them turned up with it!! Offcourse they looked quite funny. However, it was really nice to see how everybody came together to successfully implement a funny idea, girls with bindis and boys with moustache!! Cheers to ECE students!!

30th April, 2011
It was the combined farewell day. Dresscode: Saree for girls and indian/western formals for boys. It was an evening event and i was pretty excited about it. Seriously, the girls looked elegant and beautiful. Most of them carried their sarees with swagger. The boys weren't far behind. They looked smart and dapper in their formal suits. Once again all of my classmates and batchmates came together to make the event a memorable one. There were camera flashes all around as if no one wanted to leave a single moment uncaptured. Hostelers were given appropriate tags like "bandit queen", "copy cat", "meethi churi", etc. Dinner was organised by the juniors and the college authorities. The celebrations continued throughout the night....

To be Continued.....

Life in a METRO... women only!!

The METRO in the title of the post refers to the ever growing and expanding Delhi Metro or DMRC as it is called. Undoubtedly, Metro has made our lives much easier. 7-8 years back, when there was no Metro, people had to rely on the stuffed and rashly driven DTC buses or unreasonably high charging autos and rickshaws to commute from place to place. But nowadays, almost each and every corner of the city is accessible via metro. Interesting part is, the everyday traffic comprises of people from all sections of the society. You would find a poor villager and a rich businessman sharing the same compartment. Recently, Delhi government made this rule of reserving the first compartment of every train for women. It definitely hurt the ego of some male chauvinists. Even some people from my friends' circle objected to the special treatment being given to the women. I remember once a man got into the women's compartment and refused to move to the next one stating when women were allowed to travel in other compartments as well, then there shouldn't be any restrictions on men either!! He even argued with the metro security staff for the same. Well, one thing's for sure, men have this ego that refuses to consider women at par with them. They do not miss out any opportunity to tease them or get closer to them in a crowded place. And when women are given some extra special treatment for their protection, it hurts their male ego. Anyways, when i traveled in the "women only" compartment of the metro for the first time, it gave the feel of women's empowerment. You get to see women from all age groups and all sections of the society. There are schools girls, college babes, working professionals, newly-married ladies, middle-aged housewives and even elderly. It feels safe even if you are travelling at late evening hours. No unusual male glances, no men trying to fall over you, no fear of being overheard during "girl talks". Moreover, women no more feel embarrassed of lashing out at men who intentionally try to get into their compartment to show their superiority. Men either move out of the women's compartment or go behind the bars. So for all the ladies, Metro definitely rocks!!!

A few more days....


This post is dedicated to my friends and batch mates from 2k7/DCE

Well, we are in the last segment of our life@DCE. It has been a beautiful journey for all of us. The thought that after a few days it'll be over really saddens me. Every time i come to the college, this thought crosses my mind. We have a few more days of classes, bunks, labs, canteen, hostel, oat... in short a few more days of DCE....
As I walk along the road to DCE,
thinking it's the time to part ways,
my heart bravely whispers to me,
we still have a few more days....
When I look back into the times,
a beautiful swarm of nostalgia flies,
and brings with it a fragrance that says,
these years have passed in a blink of eyes....
Some beautiful people i found as friends,
to share some beautiful moments bygone,
days never seemed too long with them,
but tomorrow i'll be all alone....
There won't be much of childlike fun,
there won't be any classes or bunks,
tomorrow we'll be lost somewhere,
in this world of trash and junks....
I wish i could hold the time,
to add some more moments to cherish,
I know it's the time to detach,
but these beautiful memories won't ever perish....
I'll miss you DCE!!

When the chocolate lost its taste....

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The incident i am just about to narrate is quite old, maybe around 8-9 years. Many years back, Nirula's, a well known fast food restaurant, used to offer a Nirula's Scholar scheme. The school children having a score of 90% or above in their final mark sheets were awarded a free triple sundae of their choice. I was a bright student in my schooling days and hence, never missed this opportunity. I was extremely fond of Nirula's Hot chocolate fudge and every year my good scores would get me chance to get a triple sundae hot chocolate fudge for free. I loved it!! I remember one particular instance when i had gone to Nirula's Kamla Nagar along with my parents and my brother to avail the Nirula's scholar scheme. After dining there, my dad got me and my brother two hot chocolate fudges and we went outside while having it. While we were chatting and relishing our ice-creams, i noticed a poor, little boy who was sitting at some distance and staring at us. His tears said he was hungry and his eyes said he was helpless. He wanted something to eat and hence, the ice-cream in my hand caught his eye. My heart knows what i felt at that moment. I just couldn't take my eyes off the little boy. I immediately wanted to hand over my favourite hot chocolate fudge to him. BUT, something stopped me. I don't know whether my parents or my brother noticed him or not. I must have been around 12-13 years old at that time and maybe not old enough to show such kindness and tenderness in front of so many people. I didn't feel like having the fudge anymore and just handed it over to my mom.
At times, we genuinely feel like doing something good for others selflessly. But "something" stops us from doing so. The definition of this "something" is really complicated. I still do not know what exactly stopped me from helping that little boy that day. Maybe i was too small, too shy, and too busy to care....

Chak Diya INDIA!!!


Finally, we are the WORLD CHAMPIONS once again!! Feeling amazingly ecstatic!! The best part of the win was, it was dedicated to our little master, Sachin Tendulkar. The little magician has been serving the nation for the past 21 years. He has uncountable records to his name. He has been a part of six world cup squads and this one probably his last. His only unfulfilled desire that has now been fulfilled was to be among the World Champions. His tears said it all. The dream that had been living in his eyes for the past 21 years finally came true. His team did it for him. Three cheers for Sachin Tendulkar and the Indian Cricket Team!! You guys rock!! And yes, how can i forget to mention the INDIA-PAKISTAN semi-final. Well, India-Pakistan matches always bring with them tremendous hype and hysteria. This time, the excitement was on a completely different level. It was a world cup semi-final and both the teams badly wanted to win. The match tickets were sold in lacs of rupees. There were a number of celebrities who flew down to Chandigarh to see the live match. The Prime Ministers of both nations came to see the match which was seen as a goodwill gesture. I hope the goodwill prevailed after the match as well!! Once India won, there were fire works all over the country. The sounds of crackers and dhols never sounded that pleasing. World Cup-2011 has been a remarkable tournament for the Indian team. Hope the good run continues!!

The Perfect Amalgamation


Hey friends!! Wish you all a very happy and colourful holi!! Hope you all enjoy the day with lots of colours that include lots and lots of pakka rang apart from the usual gulaal and herbal colours. Hope you get drenched in the colourful water coming from pichkaris and balloons. Hope you get intoxicated with the sweetness of gujiya and the flavour of bhang!! Holi hai!!

I have just returned from Hyderabad after attending my cousin's wedding. Honestly speaking, it was one of the best and the most interesting weddings that i have ever attended. I even had some really interesting experiences there. Firstly, i took the very first flight of my life!! It was quite exciting. On board were some really smart and pretty air hostesses, the perfect eye candies for every guy. Secondly, i got to stay at Taj!! I remember last year during our protest, we walked past the Taj hotel while going to AICC. That day, me and one of my friends jokingly discussed about dining and staying at Taj in future. I didn't know future was so close!! I loved each n every moment of my stay. And thirdly and most importantly, my dear cousin Himani Agarwal finally got married to her long time friend. It was delightful to see a beautiful love story culminate into marriage. Since, Jiju is a handsome hyderabadi guy, the wedding took place according to the south indian culture and rituals and believe me, it was a perfect amalgamation of both the cultures. On the reception day, jiju was the perfect and handsome north indian groom in his cream coloured sherwani and on the wedding day, himani di was the perfect south indian bride in her cream and red hyderabadi saree. Women from jiju's family dressed themselves in nice silk sarees with minimal make-up and jewellery. The best thing about a south indian wedding is, it has more rituals and less show-off as compared to our north-indian weddings. My uncle(mausaji), who has always been a very firm man, couldn't stop his tears when his beautiful daughter touched his feet for the very first time, after the marriage. For those who are not aware, in our family, girls are not supposed to touch the feet of elders as they are worshipped. Moreover, jiju very politely and easily agreed to pay a hefty amount of money for his shoes(the tradition of hiding the groom's shoes is a part of north indian wedding). All i can say is, it was a lovely experience. My best wishes for Himani di and jiju. May god bless them. Cheers!!

A day without cell phone...

Yesterday i went to my aunt's place to drop my cousin. She had to leave for a family function in the evening and had to get back to her place as early as possible. In all the hurry and confusions, i forgot to take back my cell phone that i had given her to answer a call of mine while i was driving. It was only when i came back that i realised it. How could i forget to take my CELL PHONE back!!! As i realised that my cell phone was not going to be with me for at least the next 24 hours, i was tensed. How am i going to contact my friends in the college?? There might be some important messages in my inbox, how am i going to check them?? There might be some important calls, how am i going to answer them?? All these thoughts ran through my mind. Cell phone has become the most important belonging for the people these days. It has become a necessity from a requirement. It's hard to live without it. It's like disconnecting yourself from the rest of the world. Surprisingly, i felt quite relaxed and easy without it. I have developed this habit of checking my phone every few minutes for some calls or messages. But yesterday, i didn't have to do it and it was easing. I wasn't really worried about the calls and the messages that might have come. On the contrary i was pretty relaxed that i didn't have to answer them. And then, i realised these cell phones have made our lives so "easy to be disturbed". At times when we feel like spending some time alone, with ourselves, the cell phone follows us. It never lets us feel alone because with the phone, the world follows us. Everyone is so accessible these days. It's just a number to dial and you have the person with you. It's not always possible to ignore the calls and messages because people often interpret it wrongly. The life's no more peaceful. It's too fast and a cell phone accelerates it further. It interrupts a few moments of peaceful sleep, a few moments of soft conversation, a few moments of quiet reading, a few moments of cosy music, a few moments of a placid drive, a few moments of desired loneliness and in short it interrupts every peaceful moment of our lives. Such moments compel me to wish there were no cell phones and hence no such interruptions that keep us anxious and strained all the time...