Hachiko - A Dog's Tale

I recently saw this movie called Hachiko, based on a true incident. The movie is about a dog named Hachiko, who continued to wait for his deceased master for nine long years. Hachiko was deeply attached to his master. Every morning, he would accompany his master to the railway station and then in the evening, would again go to the railway station to receive him. After his master's sudden death, he continued with his daily routine of going to the railway station. He would wait for his master to return from work, the master who was never going to return. He waited for his entire life, till he died.
Well, after a long time a watched i movie that brought tears to my eyes, that choked my throat. It's really amazing to know that such a loyal creature once existed in this world. In the times when people hardly bother to think about a dead person, Hachiko carried on with his life hoping his master had never died and was probably there somewhere. He never lost the hope of meeting him again. And we feel animals don't feel.... don't understand.... Guys, just see this movie. I am sure you'll love it. It'll definitely leave you speechless. In the end, you'll fall in love with Hachiko as i did....

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  1. I will never ever forget this film. A very touching film that made me cry and even my sis. Even I watch it for the nth times I will never get bored. To all the dog lovers please watch it. For sure you will cry. I fell in love with the movie.

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