Pyaar ke Side Effects!

Ever since i became a collegiate, i have seen a lot people in relationships. A lot of people among my friends, cousins and acquaintances have experienced the positives and negatives of being in a relationship. Some of my best friends have gone through heartbreaks and the pain after that. Seeing them, i always feel why can't they be single and enjoy life!! Their experiences inspired me to remain single or i would say "happily single". Well, a relationship brings with it some responsibilities, some complications and some restrictions. People who are in a relationship, consciously or unconsciously tend to distance themselves from the rest of the world. For the people who are really serious about each other, problems of family acceptance, position of the stars and planets(whatever, i mean kundlis), social and financial status also come into picture. It's not always a fairy tale kind of a thing for all.
The best thing about being single is the freedom to look around. You are not confined to one person when the world belongs to you. You don't have to remain stuck to your mobile phone all the time. I mean seriously, how can one let someone invade his/her personal space so badly that he/she has to give an account of each and every minute that he/she has spent!! Phew!! That's what most of the people do. When you are single, you are not answerable to anybody about where you go and what you do. You don't miss out the fun with friends. In short, there are so many "Pyaar ke Side Effects", yet the dose continues....


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  2. well..your post is a perfect reply to mine.. maybe i'll feel the same after finding that "special" person... :)

  3. surely will find someone "special" really soon..!..:)..