Being a violinist...

I have a lot of things to say before i begin. So, kindly pardon me if the post gets a bit longer! It has been exactly one year since the day i started blogging. Well, it has been a beautiful journey so far. This blog has discovered and motivated the writer in me. It has captured some of the most memorable incidents of my life. Few years down the line when i'll go through my posts, they'll definitely take me back in time. Hope i keep writing always!! Happy Birthday to my dear blog!!
Also, I have just returned from my Vaishno Devi trip. I went there after seven long years. A lot has changed since then. What hasn't changed is the sheer divinity of the place. The immense satisfaction you get on visiting the shrine with only up's and no down's is truly gratifying. Moreover, i took the very first helicopter ride of my life!! The experience was super exciting!! To see the entire city beneath makes you feel like being on the top of the world!! Getting a chance to sit next to the pilot was like a cherry on the cake!! Had a great time!!


Here i begin...
I was around 6 years old when i started learning casio. It was my mom's suggestion that i should learn something new during my summer vacations. I still have that little thing with me, that imparted agility to my little fingers. I didn't know what being a musician meant. I had no idea that something that i started as a time pass would become a passion one day. Since i could play casio quite easily at that age, my parents realised that i had an unusual inborn sense of musical notes and rhythm. Hence, they discussed it with my class teacher and our music teacher. I think they were quite impressed as well. I continued to learn casio for next two years. When i was around 8 years old, my music teacher asked me to learn violin. He discussed it with my parents as well. I still don't know what made him see a violinist in me. Within few days, my dad bought me a violin. I remember the very first time i held it in my hand, i felt i was too small for it. I would crib about having small fingers as they wouldn't reach the last string easily. In no time my right arm would wear down as a result of bowing. The finger tips of my left hand would pain for initially the strings were not so friendly with them. Learning violin was no cakewalk. It was much more difficult than my expectations. What was much more difficult than learning was to have the patience and perseverance to learn. Like it is said "Rome was not built in a day", similarly no instrument can be mastered in a day. It's a time taking process. I worked hard to improve myself. Slowly and gradually, people started recognizing me for my skills as a violinist. This encouraged me even more. I wanted to excel at every step of my journey. I wanted to test my skills with different kinds of compositions. I am sure my school friends and teachers remember me more as a good violinist and less as a good student. Even in my college, a lot of people know me as the only violinist of the college. The support and appreciation that i have received at various stages of my learning has been my biggest motivation. I may not have the perfect expertise, but i do have the heart that brings alive the compositions i play. Even after learning for so many years, i feel what all i have learnt is too less as compared to what i wish to learn and what i should learn. A lot of our country's expert violinists inspire me to learn and excel further which i'll surely do. At last i would like to thank all those people who have contributed to my journey of being a violinist, especially my parents, my class teacher(when i was in class 2nd) and my music teacher....
The idea of sharing my experience as a violinist was that of Sharad Sir. Thanks to you too!!

Love Yourself...!!


Hey guys!! A very happy valentine's day to all of you!! I hope the single ones find love soon and those who are together may celebrate all the V-Days of their lives together.

Few days back i went to buy a dress for a ball dance event with some of my friends. There were four of us and hence there were four different choices and four different suggestions. I chose a dress for myself. One of my friends found it to be pretty ok while one didn't like it at all. The third one had mixed thoughts about it. Somehow, no other dress appealed to me and at one point i was left completely confused about whether to buy it or not. I couldn't really figure out why a dress that was completely rejected by one of my friends fascinated me so much!! Was my choice that bad??? Well, i still can't figure it out, but ultimately i bought the same dress!!
Last month, i went for a trip with the same friends. The music player installed in the cab had a port for connecting the cell phone memory cards. One of my friends "obliged" us by giving his memory card for getting the songs in his phone played. His card had some unusual songs that didn't interest others. He was slightly demeaned by the fact that the songs he liked were not liked by all and decided to take his card back. Then another friend of mine presented his memory card and the same thing happened. Finally, the third memory card had some songs that were liked were all...
Few days back i was discussing about my future job prospects with one of my cousins. I told him about my willingness to get into a PSU of my area of interest. The moment i mentioned PSU, he reacted as if i was the biggest fool on the earth for i was aiming for a PSU. He really condemned me for not applying in some of the best consultancies that had come for campus recruitments. Well, both of us want to be successful in our professional lives. However, the definition of success is different for both of us. For him, success means to become CEO of a big multinational firm and for me, success means to find myself a job that allows me to pursue my passions(music and writing) and leaves me with some time for myself as well. Am i foolish if i think so?? Am i foolish if i don't have any ambitions of becoming a CEO one day??

Well, sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where others completely disagree with us. At such times, we doubt ourselves. We think as if something is wrong with us as others don't think the way we do. We start underestimating our decisions. We become unconfident about our likes and dislikes and we tend to rely on others' approval. We don't realise that each individual has been blessed with a different heart and a different mind and hence, the conflict of choices is bound to exist. We cannot like or dislike something just because others like or dislike it. It's just a matter of choices, a difference of opinion and there's nothing wrong about thinking differently. We should love and respect ourselves for what we are for a simple reason, each one of us is unique. There are no two people in this world and universe who are exactly similar. Each person ha been endowed with a unique personality and a unique frame of mind. Hence, like yourself, irrespective of whether others like you or not!!

Love is in the air...

Propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, Hug day, Kiss day...... and the best of all...Valentine's day, is just around the corner. With each passing year, Valentine's day is getting bigger and bigger. It's no less than a festival these days. The gift shops are full of valentine gifts like love cards, teddies, heart-shaped softoys, chocolates, etc. The newspapers and even news channels give you endless tips on how to make the day special for your special one. The shopping malls and complexes are beautifully or i should say "romantically" decorated. It's love all around!! Well, i have always been fascinated by the love songs and the love stories. This is also proven by the fact that i am a big SRK fan and i really like the way he portrays love in his movies. It is often said that the real life is not as beautiful as is shown in such movies, but undoubtedly it's again the real life that inspires fiction! Nonetheless, Delhiites, completely unperturbed by the controversies surrounding the V-Day, have come out boldly and blissfully to express their love in the last few years. Even Thomas Hood says,"Oh, if it be choose and call thee mine, love, thou art everyday my Valentine!" So far, Valentine's day has been a lonely day for me. I just hope to find love soon.... :)

P.S. n that's my 50th post as well!!! cheers!!!

The way you measure it...

Before starting, i would like to express my immense joy and happiness for my dear cousin Abhinav Garg, who is going to be the second from our gen(After another beautiful cousin of mine, Himani Aggarwal) to get hitched. I feel so so happy!!! Just can't wait for the celebrations to begin. My heartiest congrats to you bro!!:)


Some of my friends often complain that i don't call them or text them very often. The further interpretation of my habit of not calling people frequently is my lack of concern towards them. Well, honestly speaking, i have never been a talkative person. Moreover, i somehow feel that it's not necessary to call a person every 4-5 days just to make him feel that you miss him and care for him. Hence, this idea of calling or texting people frequently has never really struck a chord with me. However, because of so many complaints, i have tried to change this habit of mine. Yet, the flaws remain...


Birthday is an important day of the year for everyone, probably the most important day. I remember once a very close friend of mine forgot to wish me on my birthday. It was only at night around 10 PM that he realised it. He called me and immediately began a cavalcade of apologies. I asked him to calm down and assured him that i was not at all angry. It really surprised him for none of his friends had spared him for forgetting their birthdays. I feel that no one forgets birthdays intentionally. At times it just slips out of our minds. At times, we are so preoccupied in our own lives and problems that we tend to forget these things. My dad often forgets his sister's birthday. In future, he might even forget to wish me on my birthday. But is it going to lessen his love for me?? No, never. Remembering the special days of the people who are close to us is indeed very important but it shouldn't be the only measure of love and concern...


Once, a friend of mine sent me a nice sms that said, "It's not important to share each and everything with your true friends. What's important is whatever you share should be true." There are certain incidents that are not important enough to be told or discussed. Yet, people express their displeasure about why they were not told about it. It happens with me as well. At times some of my friends crib about things like "you didn't tell me about this, that, him, her...", irrespective of whether it was of any importance or not. And again begins a procession of complaints...


My purpose of writing this post was to highlight the fact that at times people argue over petty things that are of null importance. According to me, a strong relation is one where people think beyond these things. Phone calls and messages are not the only way of expressing or measuring love. In fact, love need not be expressed at all....

Hachiko - A Dog's Tale

I recently saw this movie called Hachiko, based on a true incident. The movie is about a dog named Hachiko, who continued to wait for his deceased master for nine long years. Hachiko was deeply attached to his master. Every morning, he would accompany his master to the railway station and then in the evening, would again go to the railway station to receive him. After his master's sudden death, he continued with his daily routine of going to the railway station. He would wait for his master to return from work, the master who was never going to return. He waited for his entire life, till he died.
Well, after a long time a watched i movie that brought tears to my eyes, that choked my throat. It's really amazing to know that such a loyal creature once existed in this world. In the times when people hardly bother to think about a dead person, Hachiko carried on with his life hoping his master had never died and was probably there somewhere. He never lost the hope of meeting him again. And we feel animals don't feel.... don't understand.... Guys, just see this movie. I am sure you'll love it. It'll definitely leave you speechless. In the end, you'll fall in love with Hachiko as i did....