Being a violinist...

I have a lot of things to say before i begin. So, kindly pardon me if the post gets a bit longer! It has been exactly one year since the day i started blogging. Well, it has been a beautiful journey so far. This blog has discovered and motivated the writer in me. It has captured some of the most memorable incidents of my life. Few years down the line when i'll go through my posts, they'll definitely take me back in time. Hope i keep writing always!! Happy Birthday to my dear blog!!
Also, I have just returned from my Vaishno Devi trip. I went there after seven long years. A lot has changed since then. What hasn't changed is the sheer divinity of the place. The immense satisfaction you get on visiting the shrine with only up's and no down's is truly gratifying. Moreover, i took the very first helicopter ride of my life!! The experience was super exciting!! To see the entire city beneath makes you feel like being on the top of the world!! Getting a chance to sit next to the pilot was like a cherry on the cake!! Had a great time!!


Here i begin...
I was around 6 years old when i started learning casio. It was my mom's suggestion that i should learn something new during my summer vacations. I still have that little thing with me, that imparted agility to my little fingers. I didn't know what being a musician meant. I had no idea that something that i started as a time pass would become a passion one day. Since i could play casio quite easily at that age, my parents realised that i had an unusual inborn sense of musical notes and rhythm. Hence, they discussed it with my class teacher and our music teacher. I think they were quite impressed as well. I continued to learn casio for next two years. When i was around 8 years old, my music teacher asked me to learn violin. He discussed it with my parents as well. I still don't know what made him see a violinist in me. Within few days, my dad bought me a violin. I remember the very first time i held it in my hand, i felt i was too small for it. I would crib about having small fingers as they wouldn't reach the last string easily. In no time my right arm would wear down as a result of bowing. The finger tips of my left hand would pain for initially the strings were not so friendly with them. Learning violin was no cakewalk. It was much more difficult than my expectations. What was much more difficult than learning was to have the patience and perseverance to learn. Like it is said "Rome was not built in a day", similarly no instrument can be mastered in a day. It's a time taking process. I worked hard to improve myself. Slowly and gradually, people started recognizing me for my skills as a violinist. This encouraged me even more. I wanted to excel at every step of my journey. I wanted to test my skills with different kinds of compositions. I am sure my school friends and teachers remember me more as a good violinist and less as a good student. Even in my college, a lot of people know me as the only violinist of the college. The support and appreciation that i have received at various stages of my learning has been my biggest motivation. I may not have the perfect expertise, but i do have the heart that brings alive the compositions i play. Even after learning for so many years, i feel what all i have learnt is too less as compared to what i wish to learn and what i should learn. A lot of our country's expert violinists inspire me to learn and excel further which i'll surely do. At last i would like to thank all those people who have contributed to my journey of being a violinist, especially my parents, my class teacher(when i was in class 2nd) and my music teacher....
The idea of sharing my experience as a violinist was that of Sharad Sir. Thanks to you too!!


  1. Hey..So finally you wrote about it..!.:)..and it is not lengthy at all!..a nice and a beautiful write up..!:)..

    Another Advice for you :): Join if you have not already done that..

    PS: Your blog will get exposure and you will get to read other bloggers' blogs me some of them are fantastic..they also keep running weekly writing contests too..!

  2. I remember, it was a day in my fourth semester and Upma had mentioned her friend who played the violin, and I had told Upma that I absolutely HAD to meet this friend of hers. My fascination with this beautiful instrument has primarily been because of the fact that despite my best efforts I have not got a chance to learn it. It was amazing to see your performances, they were truly spectacular, and I still remember the one with Gangeyyo-I was completely bowled over!