Love is in the air...

Propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, Hug day, Kiss day...... and the best of all...Valentine's day, is just around the corner. With each passing year, Valentine's day is getting bigger and bigger. It's no less than a festival these days. The gift shops are full of valentine gifts like love cards, teddies, heart-shaped softoys, chocolates, etc. The newspapers and even news channels give you endless tips on how to make the day special for your special one. The shopping malls and complexes are beautifully or i should say "romantically" decorated. It's love all around!! Well, i have always been fascinated by the love songs and the love stories. This is also proven by the fact that i am a big SRK fan and i really like the way he portrays love in his movies. It is often said that the real life is not as beautiful as is shown in such movies, but undoubtedly it's again the real life that inspires fiction! Nonetheless, Delhiites, completely unperturbed by the controversies surrounding the V-Day, have come out boldly and blissfully to express their love in the last few years. Even Thomas Hood says,"Oh, if it be choose and call thee mine, love, thou art everyday my Valentine!" So far, Valentine's day has been a lonely day for me. I just hope to find love soon.... :)

P.S. n that's my 50th post as well!!! cheers!!!

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