Love Yourself...!!

Hey guys!! A very happy valentine's day to all of you!! I hope the single ones find love soon and those who are together may celebrate all the V-Days of their lives together.

Few days back i went to buy a dress for a ball dance event with some of my friends. There were four of us and hence there were four different choices and four different suggestions. I chose a dress for myself. One of my friends found it to be pretty ok while one didn't like it at all. The third one had mixed thoughts about it. Somehow, no other dress appealed to me and at one point i was left completely confused about whether to buy it or not. I couldn't really figure out why a dress that was completely rejected by one of my friends fascinated me so much!! Was my choice that bad??? Well, i still can't figure it out, but ultimately i bought the same dress!!
Last month, i went for a trip with the same friends. The music player installed in the cab had a port for connecting the cell phone memory cards. One of my friends "obliged" us by giving his memory card for getting the songs in his phone played. His card had some unusual songs that didn't interest others. He was slightly demeaned by the fact that the songs he liked were not liked by all and decided to take his card back. Then another friend of mine presented his memory card and the same thing happened. Finally, the third memory card had some songs that were liked were all...
Few days back i was discussing about my future job prospects with one of my cousins. I told him about my willingness to get into a PSU of my area of interest. The moment i mentioned PSU, he reacted as if i was the biggest fool on the earth for i was aiming for a PSU. He really condemned me for not applying in some of the best consultancies that had come for campus recruitments. Well, both of us want to be successful in our professional lives. However, the definition of success is different for both of us. For him, success means to become CEO of a big multinational firm and for me, success means to find myself a job that allows me to pursue my passions(music and writing) and leaves me with some time for myself as well. Am i foolish if i think so?? Am i foolish if i don't have any ambitions of becoming a CEO one day??

Well, sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where others completely disagree with us. At such times, we doubt ourselves. We think as if something is wrong with us as others don't think the way we do. We start underestimating our decisions. We become unconfident about our likes and dislikes and we tend to rely on others' approval. We don't realise that each individual has been blessed with a different heart and a different mind and hence, the conflict of choices is bound to exist. We cannot like or dislike something just because others like or dislike it. It's just a matter of choices, a difference of opinion and there's nothing wrong about thinking differently. We should love and respect ourselves for what we are for a simple reason, each one of us is unique. There are no two people in this world and universe who are exactly similar. Each person ha been endowed with a unique personality and a unique frame of mind. Hence, like yourself, irrespective of whether others like you or not!!


    Nice post!:)

  2. Other people's opinion of you does not have to become your reality.