The Perfect Amalgamation


Hey friends!! Wish you all a very happy and colourful holi!! Hope you all enjoy the day with lots of colours that include lots and lots of pakka rang apart from the usual gulaal and herbal colours. Hope you get drenched in the colourful water coming from pichkaris and balloons. Hope you get intoxicated with the sweetness of gujiya and the flavour of bhang!! Holi hai!!

I have just returned from Hyderabad after attending my cousin's wedding. Honestly speaking, it was one of the best and the most interesting weddings that i have ever attended. I even had some really interesting experiences there. Firstly, i took the very first flight of my life!! It was quite exciting. On board were some really smart and pretty air hostesses, the perfect eye candies for every guy. Secondly, i got to stay at Taj!! I remember last year during our protest, we walked past the Taj hotel while going to AICC. That day, me and one of my friends jokingly discussed about dining and staying at Taj in future. I didn't know future was so close!! I loved each n every moment of my stay. And thirdly and most importantly, my dear cousin Himani Agarwal finally got married to her long time friend. It was delightful to see a beautiful love story culminate into marriage. Since, Jiju is a handsome hyderabadi guy, the wedding took place according to the south indian culture and rituals and believe me, it was a perfect amalgamation of both the cultures. On the reception day, jiju was the perfect and handsome north indian groom in his cream coloured sherwani and on the wedding day, himani di was the perfect south indian bride in her cream and red hyderabadi saree. Women from jiju's family dressed themselves in nice silk sarees with minimal make-up and jewellery. The best thing about a south indian wedding is, it has more rituals and less show-off as compared to our north-indian weddings. My uncle(mausaji), who has always been a very firm man, couldn't stop his tears when his beautiful daughter touched his feet for the very first time, after the marriage. For those who are not aware, in our family, girls are not supposed to touch the feet of elders as they are worshipped. Moreover, jiju very politely and easily agreed to pay a hefty amount of money for his shoes(the tradition of hiding the groom's shoes is a part of north indian wedding). All i can say is, it was a lovely experience. My best wishes for Himani di and jiju. May god bless them. Cheers!!

A day without cell phone...

Yesterday i went to my aunt's place to drop my cousin. She had to leave for a family function in the evening and had to get back to her place as early as possible. In all the hurry and confusions, i forgot to take back my cell phone that i had given her to answer a call of mine while i was driving. It was only when i came back that i realised it. How could i forget to take my CELL PHONE back!!! As i realised that my cell phone was not going to be with me for at least the next 24 hours, i was tensed. How am i going to contact my friends in the college?? There might be some important messages in my inbox, how am i going to check them?? There might be some important calls, how am i going to answer them?? All these thoughts ran through my mind. Cell phone has become the most important belonging for the people these days. It has become a necessity from a requirement. It's hard to live without it. It's like disconnecting yourself from the rest of the world. Surprisingly, i felt quite relaxed and easy without it. I have developed this habit of checking my phone every few minutes for some calls or messages. But yesterday, i didn't have to do it and it was easing. I wasn't really worried about the calls and the messages that might have come. On the contrary i was pretty relaxed that i didn't have to answer them. And then, i realised these cell phones have made our lives so "easy to be disturbed". At times when we feel like spending some time alone, with ourselves, the cell phone follows us. It never lets us feel alone because with the phone, the world follows us. Everyone is so accessible these days. It's just a number to dial and you have the person with you. It's not always possible to ignore the calls and messages because people often interpret it wrongly. The life's no more peaceful. It's too fast and a cell phone accelerates it further. It interrupts a few moments of peaceful sleep, a few moments of soft conversation, a few moments of quiet reading, a few moments of cosy music, a few moments of a placid drive, a few moments of desired loneliness and in short it interrupts every peaceful moment of our lives. Such moments compel me to wish there were no cell phones and hence no such interruptions that keep us anxious and strained all the time...