The Perfect Amalgamation

Hey friends!! Wish you all a very happy and colourful holi!! Hope you all enjoy the day with lots of colours that include lots and lots of pakka rang apart from the usual gulaal and herbal colours. Hope you get drenched in the colourful water coming from pichkaris and balloons. Hope you get intoxicated with the sweetness of gujiya and the flavour of bhang!! Holi hai!!

I have just returned from Hyderabad after attending my cousin's wedding. Honestly speaking, it was one of the best and the most interesting weddings that i have ever attended. I even had some really interesting experiences there. Firstly, i took the very first flight of my life!! It was quite exciting. On board were some really smart and pretty air hostesses, the perfect eye candies for every guy. Secondly, i got to stay at Taj!! I remember last year during our protest, we walked past the Taj hotel while going to AICC. That day, me and one of my friends jokingly discussed about dining and staying at Taj in future. I didn't know future was so close!! I loved each n every moment of my stay. And thirdly and most importantly, my dear cousin Himani Agarwal finally got married to her long time friend. It was delightful to see a beautiful love story culminate into marriage. Since, Jiju is a handsome hyderabadi guy, the wedding took place according to the south indian culture and rituals and believe me, it was a perfect amalgamation of both the cultures. On the reception day, jiju was the perfect and handsome north indian groom in his cream coloured sherwani and on the wedding day, himani di was the perfect south indian bride in her cream and red hyderabadi saree. Women from jiju's family dressed themselves in nice silk sarees with minimal make-up and jewellery. The best thing about a south indian wedding is, it has more rituals and less show-off as compared to our north-indian weddings. My uncle(mausaji), who has always been a very firm man, couldn't stop his tears when his beautiful daughter touched his feet for the very first time, after the marriage. For those who are not aware, in our family, girls are not supposed to touch the feet of elders as they are worshipped. Moreover, jiju very politely and easily agreed to pay a hefty amount of money for his shoes(the tradition of hiding the groom's shoes is a part of north indian wedding). All i can say is, it was a lovely experience. My best wishes for Himani di and jiju. May god bless them. Cheers!!


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