Life in a METRO... women only!!

The METRO in the title of the post refers to the ever growing and expanding Delhi Metro or DMRC as it is called. Undoubtedly, Metro has made our lives much easier. 7-8 years back, when there was no Metro, people had to rely on the stuffed and rashly driven DTC buses or unreasonably high charging autos and rickshaws to commute from place to place. But nowadays, almost each and every corner of the city is accessible via metro. Interesting part is, the everyday traffic comprises of people from all sections of the society. You would find a poor villager and a rich businessman sharing the same compartment. Recently, Delhi government made this rule of reserving the first compartment of every train for women. It definitely hurt the ego of some male chauvinists. Even some people from my friends' circle objected to the special treatment being given to the women. I remember once a man got into the women's compartment and refused to move to the next one stating when women were allowed to travel in other compartments as well, then there shouldn't be any restrictions on men either!! He even argued with the metro security staff for the same. Well, one thing's for sure, men have this ego that refuses to consider women at par with them. They do not miss out any opportunity to tease them or get closer to them in a crowded place. And when women are given some extra special treatment for their protection, it hurts their male ego. Anyways, when i traveled in the "women only" compartment of the metro for the first time, it gave the feel of women's empowerment. You get to see women from all age groups and all sections of the society. There are schools girls, college babes, working professionals, newly-married ladies, middle-aged housewives and even elderly. It feels safe even if you are travelling at late evening hours. No unusual male glances, no men trying to fall over you, no fear of being overheard during "girl talks". Moreover, women no more feel embarrassed of lashing out at men who intentionally try to get into their compartment to show their superiority. Men either move out of the women's compartment or go behind the bars. So for all the ladies, Metro definitely rocks!!!

A few more days....


This post is dedicated to my friends and batch mates from 2k7/DCE

Well, we are in the last segment of our life@DCE. It has been a beautiful journey for all of us. The thought that after a few days it'll be over really saddens me. Every time i come to the college, this thought crosses my mind. We have a few more days of classes, bunks, labs, canteen, hostel, oat... in short a few more days of DCE....
As I walk along the road to DCE,
thinking it's the time to part ways,
my heart bravely whispers to me,
we still have a few more days....
When I look back into the times,
a beautiful swarm of nostalgia flies,
and brings with it a fragrance that says,
these years have passed in a blink of eyes....
Some beautiful people i found as friends,
to share some beautiful moments bygone,
days never seemed too long with them,
but tomorrow i'll be all alone....
There won't be much of childlike fun,
there won't be any classes or bunks,
tomorrow we'll be lost somewhere,
in this world of trash and junks....
I wish i could hold the time,
to add some more moments to cherish,
I know it's the time to detach,
but these beautiful memories won't ever perish....
I'll miss you DCE!!

When the chocolate lost its taste....

  • I am too busy to care, but want to do something. Jaago Re and are helping me do my bit for the society.

The incident i am just about to narrate is quite old, maybe around 8-9 years. Many years back, Nirula's, a well known fast food restaurant, used to offer a Nirula's Scholar scheme. The school children having a score of 90% or above in their final mark sheets were awarded a free triple sundae of their choice. I was a bright student in my schooling days and hence, never missed this opportunity. I was extremely fond of Nirula's Hot chocolate fudge and every year my good scores would get me chance to get a triple sundae hot chocolate fudge for free. I loved it!! I remember one particular instance when i had gone to Nirula's Kamla Nagar along with my parents and my brother to avail the Nirula's scholar scheme. After dining there, my dad got me and my brother two hot chocolate fudges and we went outside while having it. While we were chatting and relishing our ice-creams, i noticed a poor, little boy who was sitting at some distance and staring at us. His tears said he was hungry and his eyes said he was helpless. He wanted something to eat and hence, the ice-cream in my hand caught his eye. My heart knows what i felt at that moment. I just couldn't take my eyes off the little boy. I immediately wanted to hand over my favourite hot chocolate fudge to him. BUT, something stopped me. I don't know whether my parents or my brother noticed him or not. I must have been around 12-13 years old at that time and maybe not old enough to show such kindness and tenderness in front of so many people. I didn't feel like having the fudge anymore and just handed it over to my mom.
At times, we genuinely feel like doing something good for others selflessly. But "something" stops us from doing so. The definition of this "something" is really complicated. I still do not know what exactly stopped me from helping that little boy that day. Maybe i was too small, too shy, and too busy to care....

Chak Diya INDIA!!!


Finally, we are the WORLD CHAMPIONS once again!! Feeling amazingly ecstatic!! The best part of the win was, it was dedicated to our little master, Sachin Tendulkar. The little magician has been serving the nation for the past 21 years. He has uncountable records to his name. He has been a part of six world cup squads and this one probably his last. His only unfulfilled desire that has now been fulfilled was to be among the World Champions. His tears said it all. The dream that had been living in his eyes for the past 21 years finally came true. His team did it for him. Three cheers for Sachin Tendulkar and the Indian Cricket Team!! You guys rock!! And yes, how can i forget to mention the INDIA-PAKISTAN semi-final. Well, India-Pakistan matches always bring with them tremendous hype and hysteria. This time, the excitement was on a completely different level. It was a world cup semi-final and both the teams badly wanted to win. The match tickets were sold in lacs of rupees. There were a number of celebrities who flew down to Chandigarh to see the live match. The Prime Ministers of both nations came to see the match which was seen as a goodwill gesture. I hope the goodwill prevailed after the match as well!! Once India won, there were fire works all over the country. The sounds of crackers and dhols never sounded that pleasing. World Cup-2011 has been a remarkable tournament for the Indian team. Hope the good run continues!!