A few more days....

This post is dedicated to my friends and batch mates from 2k7/DCE

Well, we are in the last segment of our life@DCE. It has been a beautiful journey for all of us. The thought that after a few days it'll be over really saddens me. Every time i come to the college, this thought crosses my mind. We have a few more days of classes, bunks, labs, canteen, hostel, oat... in short a few more days of DCE....
As I walk along the road to DCE,
thinking it's the time to part ways,
my heart bravely whispers to me,
we still have a few more days....
When I look back into the times,
a beautiful swarm of nostalgia flies,
and brings with it a fragrance that says,
these years have passed in a blink of eyes....
Some beautiful people i found as friends,
to share some beautiful moments bygone,
days never seemed too long with them,
but tomorrow i'll be all alone....
There won't be much of childlike fun,
there won't be any classes or bunks,
tomorrow we'll be lost somewhere,
in this world of trash and junks....
I wish i could hold the time,
to add some more moments to cherish,
I know it's the time to detach,
but these beautiful memories won't ever perish....
I'll miss you DCE!!