All set for a new beginning!!

First of all i would like to congratulate my very dear Charu Di or CD as i call her for it's going to be a new beginning for her as well.... the beginning of "Motherhood".... My best wishes to her.... I feel so happy for you CD... :) :)

Some wise person has said that "whenever we think it's the end, it's actually the time to start all over again". College is over, and a new life awaits. I can feel the nervousness and excitement, both at the same time. Nervousness because it's going to be a new place, new people, new atmosphere, something like what happened four years back, when i became a DCEite. Excitement because i'll be stepping into the corporate world which has its own ups and downs. Some of my friends have already done that with sweet and sour experiences while some are still waiting like me. Within another one month or two, all of us will be in different places, leading different lives and it seems like it's all happening at full tilt. One month back we were all studying for our end semester exams, and one month later things will be much different from now. It's going to be a new beginning for all of us, as one of my friends once rightly said, "college khatam hua hai par zindagi ab shuru honi hai"......


  1. Best wishes to your sis... :)
    "college khatam hua hai par zindagi ab shuru honi hai" - indeed its true, the real test of life is still left... welcome to world of corporate chaos, success, failure and competition..!!

    P.S. nice blog you got, adding it on my Blogroll :)