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29th May, 2011
It was our official farewell, i.e. the farewell organised by the faculty members of our department and that too the first ever!! It was truly a proud moment for all the ECEites as such a farewell was organised for us only by our department. That day, i don't know how and why, but all the faculty members(some of them i had never even liked) seemed to be out of this world. I somehow felt proud of being their student. There was this unknown attachment that made the process of detachment difficult. I missed the lectures that i had attended, some with open eyes and mind while some with just open eyes. Some of our teachers gave nice and encouraging speeches and they didn't even seem to be long and boring. There was a group photoshoot followed by snacks and drinks. Another memorable day added to our memories....

1rst June, 2011
It was our winter training viva but most importantly it was our last official day in the college. Nostalgia was all around. We were supposed to submit the no dues form and surrender all our cards(college id card, library card, OMV card). After completing all the formalities, we were ex-DCEites. We clicked pictures and hugged each other before final goodbyes, an emotional moment. I had felt something similar when the school had ended....

The journey of being an engineer and a DCEite has been the most memorable experience of my life. I would like to thank some of my bestest friends from DCE, Upma Meena, Vandana Sapra, Shruti Aggarwal, Mohit Kharbanda, Rahul Agarwal, Neha Chaturvedi, Namrata Patil , Anchal Jain, Aanchal Goyal and Sunny Aggarwal for making this journey so beautiful. Few years down the line when i'll flip through the pages of my life, DCE will be one of the best and the most memorable chapters. Right now, i might not be a very good engineer, but i am definitely a much better person. I might not have many achievements to boast about, but i have made some life long friends which is indeed an achievement for me. I might not be a part of DCE anymore, but DCE will always be a part of me. At this moment, i can recall a few lines from a beautiful song by Westlife,
We had joy we had fun,
We had seasons in the sun,
But the wine and the song,
Like the seasons have all gone....
I'll always miss my college life, my friends and my DCE.....
P.S. A short message for my college friends:
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  1. best u rads..n miss u too...n nalayak main tera blog padti hu..:P..le ab yakken kar le..;P..:P

  2. like ur college journey life

  3. Sry , but from now onwards i will read all ur blogs without a miss :)

  4. read this one more time.. after three long years :)