MEN and MEN-tality

Before starting, i would like to congratulate my dear friend Suhani Gupta for her newly released book "My Golden Wings". It's a collection of 109 poems written by her. I haven't read it so far, but will do that soon. I am sure it'll be a great read. If you appreciate poetry and happen to come across this book, then kindly read it. You'll definitely love it!! My best wishes for her.........


Yesterday i had to go to my uncle's place(my dad's first cousin) for lunch. His house is in Dilshaad Garden and we were going there after a long time. When we were about to reach there, my grandfather suggested a path different from the one dad was taking. Dad agreed to what he said and took that path. We had just covered a small distance when they both realized that it was the wrong path. My grandfather said that even if continue with that route, we would reach the destination by taking an extra turn. Dad knew that there was no surety, yet he decided to move on. My brother insisted on going back and taking the path that we knew. Ultimately, we moved on, reached a dead end, turned around and took the path that we already knew. Meanwhile, my dad, brother and grandfather played the blame game whereas me and mom were the mute spectators.

At home, we often discuss about what should be my next step after engineering. Among my relatives, there are some people who keep suggesting different things every time i meet them and fill my brain with endless confusions. MBA, Mtech, MS, Phd, IAS.... they say everything apart from what i have thought for myself. One thing that i have noticed is, it's always men who do so. Women in my family tell me to do whatever i feel like.

Two of my college friends, male again, also fit in the picture. Whenever we go out for a meal, it's usually the two of them who select or reject the place. When we go to a particular eating joint, in no time they present their expert views about the food and interestingly they are always different. Me and another friend of mine(girl) never really mind which place we go to and what food we eat.

Well, each and every man thinks of himself as the most intelligent person on this earth(Does anyone disagree????). I have often observed that men convert a casual discussion into a heated argument when others disagree with them. Since every man is the "most intelligent" person on this earth, others' disagreements do not go very well with them. The problem with men is that they do not believe in keeping their intelligence to themselves but very generously sharing and passing it on to others. Surprisingly, women seem to be ok with most of the things. No confusions, no disagreements, no arguments. But MEN..................


  1. whatever you said ,i completely agree with that.That's exactly is the problem with most men.Though i too am a male but i wont be a male chauvinist.I agree with you.poor females!!!!

  2. sahi kaha rads...ladke na aise hi hote h...:P..:P

  3. Hi Dear tera Blog dekh k ab pata to chal raha hai k teri padhai ab khatam ho chuka hai aur aaj kal tu bilkul veli hai