When Delhi ruined Delhi Belly!!

Few days back, i had gone to watch Delhi Belly with my brother. It had rained heavily that afternoon, almost for an hour. So cancelling our afternoon plans, we decided to go for the 4:50 evening show. The PVR where we had decided to go is a few kilometres from my place. Usually it takes around 15 minutes(sometimes even less) to reach there. We left around 4 so that we could reach in time and buy the tickets. The route that we usually take was closed. Why??? Because of rain(that too for just an hour) so much water had accumulated there that we could actually see a half drowned car. So, we had to take a different and longer route. Still, i was hopeful that we would make it just in time. However, as time passed our hopes kept fading. We found heavy traffic everywhere and by 4:50, we were still stuck in the middle of traffic, moving at snail's pace. The excitement was all over.

Well, missing a movie show was not of much importance. It was a trivial thing. However, for some people, the situation might not have been as trivial as missing a movie show. Someone could have missed a train, a flight, an opportunity or even life. It really compelled me to think. What kind of a city are we living in?? A city that comes to a halt after an hour's rain?? What kind of people are governing us?? They talk of all kinds of insensible advancements and this is what they have given us. The worst part is, we have chosen these people ourselves and hence we can blame nobody but ourselves. Hence, i appeal to all my Delhiite friends and people reading this, please exercise your voting right. We have to bring a change. We need to bring down this hopeless and ruthless governance. It won't happen by ignorance. As it is said, each drop makes an ocean. So make your vote count!!

P.S. That day we were too determined to watch Delhi Belly. So, we waited till 7 PM i.e. the next show time and watched it!! :)


It has been one week since i joined nsys. It has been a good experience so far. On the first day, we were nicely welcomed. We were made to sit in the conference room with our name plates before our seats. All of us were given laptop bags with some useful stationary. People from engineering and HR departments gave us an account of the company and its policies. The training began from the first day itself. I met new joinees like me and they were quite nice to speak to. I mean seriously, initially i was a bit hesitant to talk to them. As some of them were from the same college and knew each other well, i was doubtful about whether they would like to include me in their friends' circle. But now, after one week, we all have mingled well!

So, i am a part of the corporate world now. At times, our managers remind us that we are no more college students. Slowly and gradually, even we are getting used to this new life. But yes, i do miss my college life. One particular day we had this long verilog session and i seriously wished i could bunk!! But it's not a college life anymore. The lectures here remind me of our college lectures that we used to attend with open eyes and closed minds, the difference being now we do not have the option of keeping our minds closed. The lunch time reminds me of our college canteen and how we used to fight over and grab the tiffin having delicious food. My every new shirt reminds me of how we used to leave new pinch marks on arms of the person wearing something new. But as our managers say, it's not a college life anymore. It's a CORPORATE WORLD, a tough life!!