My bestest friend... My Bro!!

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A very happy rakshabandhan to you all. Have great celebrations!!

Since it's rakshabandhan, i thought of writing a few words about my brother. He's two years younger than me. However, his looks and physique are bound to mislead you. Our childhood was pretty much the way it is for the "indian siblings". Once upon a time even we used to have destructive physical fights. From pulling each other's hair to slapping, punching and even kicking, we have done it all. Slowly and gradually as he grew heavy and tall, almost beyond my reach, our fights became more verbal and less physical. Now, the scope of physical fights is null.

There is one quality that distinguishes my brother from all other people in my life. He recognizes the slightest disturbance on my face. Sometimes when i do not feel like sharing a problem with anyone and pretend to be normal, the only person i am unable to deceive is him. I don't know how he does that. And everytime he does that, these words follow, "you know how well i know you, so tell me what's wrong".

Well, i call him me bestest friend, because he knows every bit of me. I am like an open book to him. I don't hesitate while sharing my problems with him. Honestly speaking, i can share everything, literally everything in my life with him. And, i feel he understands me well, much more than my parents, much more than my friends. Obviously, we do disagree on certain issues and i do find some of his habits really irritating. However, i truly marvel at the way we have transformed into best friends from quarrelsome siblings. He knows my love for him is beyond words and like a naughty brother that he is, he never misses an opportunity to avail the benefits!! All i would like to tell him is that i treasure the bond that we share. Happy rakshabandhan to you.... Love you.... :)


  1. Good to come across a blog on Rakhi on this day.
    Wonderful post on this wonderful day.

  2. well nw wt cn i say... m nt dt emotional bt still ws on d verge f crying after reading that... thanks a lot di... love u a lot.. great to know dt even u realise d closeness of our bond... m lucky to have u.. love u... :)

  3. Beautiful post about beautiful people...Me and my Bro too are very close....