My first salary!! :)

Before starting, i would like to thank my friends and well-wishers for all the wishes over the past one week(i suffered an injury in my left hand last week). Special thanks to some of my friends at work who have been so caring and supportive... beyond my expectations... thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!

Well, since last one month, a lot of things have happened for the first time. First job, first visiting card, first big project and finally the first SALARY!! It's an awesome feeling!! It gives me a sense of pride as well as responsibility. Now, i can actually feel that i have grown up. The excitement of the first salary has completely overshadowed whatever little dissatisfaction i had. I feel proud to belong to this place. My heartiest congrats to my co-joinees who must be feeling the same. Enjoy guys!!

P.S. I'll write more as soon as i recover from my injury.... Meanwhile, please pray for my speedy recovery!!