My favourite character!!

I know a lot of people who have fallen in love with "Edward Cullen" from Twilight. Interesting part is, the person they admire is not the actor who portrays this character but the character itself. Similarly, i deeply admire this character called Michael Scofield from an american television series "Prison Break". Having completed the last season of prison break recently, i feel completely mesmerized by Michael Scofield. I admire him for his immense intelligence, calm mind, humility and love for his near and dear ones. Those who have watched prison break, would definitely agree with me. Those who haven't, kindly see it. I think it's the best television series i have seen so far. I would like to share a few words.... Michael Scofield as seen by me...

I looked beyond the walls of prison,

to find a beautiful world that exists,

never did my heart wish to know,

the darkness of the prison persists,

the more i loved people around me,

the more i put their lives in danger,

the more i wanted to escape all,

the more i knew every stranger,

whenever i thought it was the end,

life took another wicked turn,

whenever i thought of a peaceful life,

i realized i was on an endless run,

at last, when it all ended,

i hoped for a life sans fear and worries,

but my destiny didn't spare enough moments,

now my soul rests in peace...

Happy Teachers' Day!!

First of all i would like to wish all the teachers a very Happy Teachers' Day. A "Thanks" is too less to acknowledge your efforts and dedication towards your profession. At times, we as students do not understand the importance of teachers and often take them for granted. As we grow up and look back, we realize how inspiring and caring they were... how they always tried to rectify our flaws even if we disliked them... how they motivated us when we lost hope to succeed in life... how they appreciated us when we excelled at something... how they patiently made us learn new things... how selflessly they loved and cared for us... Once again, a very Happy Teachers' Day to all of them!!

Teachers' day reminds of my schooling days. I remember how we used to present flowers and cards to our favourite teachers. We used to have a small cultural programme. After that, senior students dressed up as teachers used to take classes for sometime. It used to be a half day for all the students and I used to be quite curious to know how teachers celebrate their special day when the students leave!!

As a student, i was quite reserved and shy. I never really interacted much with the teachers. I remember how in every PTA meeting my teachers complained about my habit of not speaking enough. As i came to higher classes, i tried to change myself, but certainly not up to my teachers' satisfactory levels. Still, i am happy that my teachers remember me as a good student. I also regret something. As children grow up, they tend to "disremember" their teachers from earlier classes. I won't lie by saying it didn't happen to me. And yes, i do feel guilty about it. As we grew up, we managed to find friends in our teachers. However, as small kids, such a bond was never formed. But.... teachers always forgive the mistakes their students make. I would also like to thank some of my teachers from DCE for being so caring and supportive. I feel so lucky that a got a chance to be their student....

Since, this post has taken me back to my school days, i would like to share a poem that i had written when i was in class XII....

Long long ago i first saw my school,
With tearful eyes and pain,
And now when i look at my school,
My eyes fill with tears again.
The never ending hours of study,
Academic rise or fall,
P.T., music, library and arts,
I dearly miss them all.
Roaming in the ground and corridors,
Joking and chirping with friends,
Playing stupid and idiotic pranks,
Unknowing when the day ends.
With 1:40 bell flying out of the school,
Like birds set free from the cages,
Or running like the prisoners of wars,
Imprisoned in jails for ages.
And now i always pray to god,
That the 1:40 bell may never ring,
If we are the birds to be set free,
Then we may lose each wing.
The thought of seeing the school days end,
Fills my heart with pain,
I wish i could go back to nursery,
I wish i could be a kid again...

Missing those days....

I met a very dear friend of mine after a long time today, and it was so different!!! In our college time, i always found him quite naughty and at times even irritating. I remember in college, we all used to be so hopelessly stingy whenever it came to spending money without a special reason. On the contrary, we would persuade and expect others to treat us for every trivial good thing that would happen to them!! And today, he brought not one, not two but three chocolates for me, all because we were meeting after such a long time. He willingly paid the bills and strangely even i wanted to pay them!! And then, we both laughed over how times have changed. Life is so much like the VISA advertisement where earlier friends fight over "you'll pay the bill" and later on they fight over "i'll pay the bill". It was all so nostalgic. Few days back, i had gone for lunch with two of my friends at work. We saw a group of 10-15 college friends trying to grab each and every dish on their tables and i immediately recalled a similar incident during the last days of college. Thirteen of us had gone out for lunch. Each one of us individually ordered our choice of dishes and none of us could eat much of what we had individually ordered!! Then, we used to crib about not getting enough to eat. And now, i crib about having no one to snatch my lunch. I miss those days so so badly.... The best days of my life.....